October 2020 Report

The 2020 Census Office report for October 2020 includes updates regarding: COVID-19, self-response rates, outreach, 2020 Census date change, grant allocations, and disbursements.

COVID-19: Please visit https://coronavirus.illinois.gov/s/ for the most current information.

Census Response Rate: As of September 30, 2020, Illinois ranked seventh in the country for Census self-response rates and has remained in the top ten for much of the time, since March 12th, that the census portal has been open. Out of the states with the largest populations, Illinois ranks number one. To find response rates and rankings by city, county, town, or Congressional districts, please visit:

www.mapthecount.org or https://2020census.gov/en/response-rates.html

Please see the table below for specific response rates, as of August 31, 2020:

Location Self-Response Rate (%)
National 66.5%
Illinois 70.9%
City of Chicago 60%
Illinois Counties with Highest Response Rates:
Monroe 82.6%
Kendall 82%
McHenry 81.9%
DuPage 80.4%
Illinois Counties with Lowest Response Rates:
Hardin 34.4%
Calhoun 44.6%
Henderson 45.7%
Alexander 46.9%

Outreach: During the month of September, to provide a final push and highlight multiple hard-to-count areas and populations to help increase engagement and self-response rates, the Census Office, along with the Governor, Lt. Governor, the IDHS Secretary and elected officials held additional press conferences, events, and questionnaire assistance at the following locations:

  • September 5th: Waukegan
  • September 9-10th: Beardstown
  • September 11-13th: Champaign/Urbana
  • September 12th: Peoria
  • September 12th: North Chicago
  • September 15th: East St. Louis
  • September 15th: Belmont Cragin
  • September 16th: Little Village
  • September 18th: Rock Island
  • September 18th: Marion County
  • September 19th: Brighton Park
  • September 23rd: Carbondale
  • September 23rd: Marion County
  • September 27th: West Chicago
  • September 28th: Cicero
  • September 28th: Little Village (South Lawndale)
  • September 29th: Back of the Yards
  • September 29th: North Lawndale
  • September 30th: Humboldt Park

2020 Census Date Change: Recent announcements from the U.S. Census Bureau about shifting the end date of the 2020 Census have required the Census Office, Regional Intermediaries, and partners to be adaptive and flexible in continuing to reach people in low response tracts. As of the posting of this report, the end date is slated to be either October 5th, based on a communication by Secretary for the U.S. Department of Commerce, or October 31st. However, this may change. The Census Office will monitor the situation closely and remains committed to supporting a complete count in Illinois.

Grant allocation and distribution:

Regional Intermediary Amount Amount Paid
Illinois Primary Health Care Association $235,294 $123,017.94
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $54,118 $41,665.88
Community Assistance Programs $470,588 $251,038.19
Habilitative Systems Inc $1,419,853 $935,491.24
Illinois Action for Children $550,875 $375,415.55
Illinois Coalition For Immigrant and Refugee Rights $1,082,353 $56,739.84
Pilsen Little Village $79,412 $9,318.87
Puerto Rican Cultural Center $101,176 $20,185.66
Rincon Family Services $616,471 $53,779.88
YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago $700,530 $260,312.15
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $94,118 $74,509.54
Illinois Coalition For Immigrant and Refugee Rights $352,941 $17,455.19
Metropolitan Mayors Caucus $141,176 $76,834.05
Reaching Across Library Systems $254,540 $111,318.95
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago $92,715.29 $28,908.53
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $70,588 $48,906.70
Tri-County Regional Planning $235,294 $139,648.90
Champaign Urbana Public Health District $327,059 $14,968.73
Region 1 Planning Council $432,941 $29,968.03
Illinois Public Health Association $223,529 $123,066.82
Clay County Health Department $224,588 $197,146.89
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $27,059 $19,778.03
Illinois Public Health Association $401,792 $191,016.30
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $155,294 $127,279.99
Teens Against Killing Everywhere $155,294 $40,227.21
Illinois Action for Children $341,946 $269,525.76
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $352,941 $252,765.17
Illinois Coalition For Immigrant and Refugee Rights $470,588 $24,845.46
Metropolitan Mayors Caucus $470,588 $288,428.05
Western Illinois Regional Council $141,176 $79,337.96
TOTAL $10,276,837.29 $4,282,901.46
Census Data, Research, GIS Visualization
and Regional Intermediary Coordination
Amount Amount Paid
University of Illinois at Chicago $398,444 $57,188.92
TOTAL $398,444 $57,188.92
Appropriation Amount Obligated Amount Amount Paid
$14,500,000 $14,500,000 $4,340,090.38