WAG 25-03-04: Crisis Assistance

Household Furnishings

Essential furnishings are provided if the assistance unit is in need and meets the eligibility criteria.

The following items and amount of payment for each may be allowed:

  • Kitchen table - $50 (one per assistance unit)
  • Kitchen chair - $10 (one per person in assistance unit)
  • Beds - to ensure adequate sleeping facilities for all members of the assistance unit the following maximum amounts may be allowed:
    • Bed frame - $ 30
    • Single mattress and springs - $ 70
    • Double mattress and springs - $100
    • Bunk beds (include mattresses and springs) - $130
    • Crib (including mattress) - $ 65


When the victim of a verified crisis needs a rental allowance to obtain immediate housing for the assistance unit, an amount for rent may be allowed if the prospective landlord requires payment in advance. A maximum allowance for rent of $250 may be made.


Each person in the assistance unit may receive $5 per day until:

  • receipt date of the next regular TANF cash benefits or;
  • receipt of regular source of income or;
  • receipt of food stamp benefits not to exceed 30 days, minus the amount of available food stamp benefits available in the Illinois Link Account.

NOTE: The amount issued for lost/stolen cash cannot exceed the amount that was lost and cannot exceed the amount of the Payment Level.

Food cannot be authorized for replacement of lost or stolen food stamp benefits.

Clothing, Household Supplies

Size Assistance Unit Clothing Household Supplies
1 $ 34 $11
2 $ 58 $14
3 $ 92 $17
4 $117 $17
5 $146 $20
6 $174 $20
7 $204 $22
8 $233 $22
9 $261 $23
10 $291 $24
For each additional person: $ 29 $ 1

Non-medical needs related to essential medical care:

  • Food - $9 a day or $3 per meal per person.
  • Lodging - Approve lodging expenses at the least expensive rate that provides lodging adequate and available to meet the person's needs. Do not approve payment for a higher amount if lodging is available at a lower rate or free of charge.
  • Transportation - When transportation cannot be provided by the Medical Assistance Program, approve transportation expenses for the least expensive mode of transportation adequate to meet the person's needs. When transportation is by private automobile, the allowable rate is 14¢ per mile.