FY21 Welcoming Centers Q and A

Office of Welcoming Centers for Refugee and Immigrant Service

Welcoming Center NOFO Technical Session

Questions and Answers

September 4, 2020

Is this grant for one year? Will it be renewed?

This grant is for fiscal year FY21 for the 9 months remaining. It will start at the time the contract is signed, likely in October, and go through end of June. Budgets submitted should reflect those months, October through June. We cannot guarantee renewal at this time. However, we do have a history of renewing most of our Welcoming Centers depending on their performance, need, and funding. We cannot guarantee funding renewal until the state budget is approved, typically in May of the preceding year.

Can you share list of current partners and locations?

Yes, list of current partners and locations will be posted.

How much will be allowed for indirect costs?

The typical indirect costs of any state contract are going to be allowed. Refer to the NOFO language which goes into detail. There is a section on allowable and unallowable costs. Indirect costs are allowed as long as they follow these guidelines with the federal or state annually, negotiated indirect costs agreement or the de minimis rate.

Are there particular types of services that agencies must provide to be a welcoming center?

Services required are case management, crisis intervention, information and referral and workshops and community education (see program manual). We want a case management that is doing an overall assessment of the person.

Do you have a budget form we can use?

There is a specific system where the contract has to be submitted.

Is it expected to be refunded or was this a one-time commitment from the general assembly?

We cannot guarantee funding past a year. We are allowed to renew contracts up to two times after the original. It would be allowable for us to have a total of three years of funding, but it cannot be guaranteed at the front end. It has to be decided every year with the state legislator. After the 3rd year, everyone has to go through the NOFO process.

Where can we find a list of the workshops that are suggested?

Workshops are included in the Welcoming Center Program Guide.

Were you looking at a slideshow? If so, I didn't see it. Could you share after meeting?

No slideshow.

Was the Letter of Intent a requirement in order to apply?

No, it is not a federal requirement. If you have it, you may submit it.

Can you mention again the range of funding and a typical grant amount for a site?

Estimated range is $50,000-$200.000 per organization. We have $1.5 million to distribute.

Do you have any idea how many awards are expected to be funded and how many letters of intent were received?

We have no more than 10 Letters of Intent. Last NOFO opportunity we received more than 30 applications. We chose 17 from those 30 applications.

Do you have a goal for how many new centers you would like to start?

No, not at this time. It depends on the proposals and the geographic area that's covered.

Is the meeting being recorded? Can you share docs and meeting afterwards?

Yes, meeting was record and will be shared.

As we continue to live in a Covid world and have found that big transportation barriers in the NW Suburbs, could this funding go to help with a mobile case manager? That is, a case manager that goes from site to site where the needs are (including apartments, town halls, etc).

Yes, definitely. We wanted to add the outreach component. In this new time we are in, we expect that it is addressed in your application how you expect to service community if your offices. Everyone may have different ideas how to work with your population at this moment in time.

Can you describe the crisis intervention requirements? In application there is a reference to number of cases to provide for crisis intervention. What is the % you're looking for?

Crisis intervention will look different for each organization. It is envisioned in a Welcoming Center program is that a person coming to you is in need of a service immediately. We have monthly reports. Organizations are expected on a monthly basis, 15th of each month, to provide us with a monthly report of the people you have seen for crisis intervention, case management, workshops, and all of the things we have mentioned. Everything will be broken down into a part of the contract.

If a family receives multiple services, are services counted individually for one or for family?

The only category that we expect, or have been tracking as an unduplicated, is the total number of unduplicated clients served. However, the services that are provided to a client can be duplicated.

Must new customers be distinct from those served through Immigrant Family Resource Program, New American Initiative, etc.? If overlap is allowable, what are the parameters?

We would not want you to count the same service for the same person. If you receive IFRP funding and your signing someone up for SNAP or TANF, we don't want you to also count them on Welcoming Center. It's not allowed. If you are helping clients with other types of services that are not covered under IFRP, or New American Initiative, you are welcome to count them under Welcoming Center funding. If in doubt whether it is a duplicate service, do not count them.

What is the cost per client range on the current Welcoming Centers?

Not readily available. It is slighly different for each organization.

Where can we find the application?


Is there trainings to follow on the database we would need to use for IDPH?

We don't have a database in place right now. The monthly reports you are going to be doing are on an Excel spreadsheet. We provide a template with formulas in it. It is just a matter of inputting numbers, names of individuals you are serving, name of workshops.

In the budget, can we set money aside for emergency funds? For instance, someone was a victim of a fire and needs cash to get hotel room for night and toiletries for the week

Not all of our currently granted agencies have that, but we have allowed several agencies to have funds like that. It is a small fund and just for emergencies. If you are interested in that, please do include in your proposal and any budget projections.