2480 Federal Crisis Counseling & Training Program (510-FCCT) Program Information

Scope of Services

The Grantee will utilize Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) funding to support the community in recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic through community-based outreach and psycho-educational services. The Grantee will hire four (4) crisis counselors from the local area who, along with an identified Team Leader (supervisor) of the Crisis Counselors, will receive training and information on how to implement the FEMA Crisis Counseling Program Model. The Grantee can utilize existing structures to develop and enhance virtual venues to provide crisis counseling and other appropriate services targeted to meet the needs of the target population under this grant. The targeted populations for this grant are individuals living in COVID identified hotspots who are experiencing emotional distress, worry, grief and loss as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Grantee will utilize social marketing resources to disseminate new messaging to Illinois residents about available mental health resources with the target of increasing access and utilization of available supports. Due to the requirements for social distancing, and public gathering restrictions, the CCP will be conducted remotely utilizing a variety of non-traditional methods to educate the target population. Upon removal of the social gathering restrictions traditional community outreach will begin.



  1. Time Period for Required Periodic Financial Reports. N/A Grantee will be paid via invoice.
  2. Time Period for Close-out Reports. Grantee shall submit a Close-out Report pursuant to Paragraph 13.2 and no later than ___60___ days after this Agreement's end of the period of performance or termination.
  3. Time Period for Required Periodic Performance Reports. Unless a different reporting requirement is specified in Exhibit G, Grantee shall submit Performance Reports to Grantor pursuant to Paragraph 14.1 and such reports must be submitted no later than __30___ days after the Month.
  4. Time Period for Close-out Performance Reports. Grantee agrees to submit a Close-out Performance Report, pursuant to Paragraph 14.2 and no later than ___60___ days after this Agreement's end of the period of performance or termination.

The Grantee shall submit monthly Periodic Performance Report (GOMBGATU-4001 (N-08-17)) and the Periodic Performance Report Template by Program (PRTP) to the appropriate email address below. Reporting templates and instructions for submitting reports can be found in the Provider section of the DHS website.

PPR and PPRT Email Address for All Grants:


DMH reporting templates and detailed instructions for submitting reports can be found in the Provider section of the DHS website.


  1. The grantee will identify a Team Leader within the organization who will supervise the four (4) crisis counselors and function as the primary contact with IDHS-DMH.
  2. The grantee will hire 4 crisis counselors who reside in the community to be served.
  3. The grantee will ensure that the crisis counselors and the Team Leader attend the FEMA/SAMHSA training.
  4. The grantee will begin the project, with the crisis counselors working remotely, conforming to the social distancing regulations, and the requirements of IDPH and the CDC. To accomplish this the grantee will need to identify a phone number to be utilized for customers to call and be connected to the CCP. When deemed appropriate the grantee will engage in face to face/door to door CCP programing.
  5. The grantee will develop a community resource bank that includes the resources necessary to meet the identified needs of consumers receiving CCP.
  6. The grantee will cultivate relationships with community stakeholders (i.e., healthcare facilities, schools, educational providers, employment resources, businesses, first responders, faith-based organizations, etc) to identify unmet needs in the community.
  7. The grantee will engage in a social media campaign designed to raise awareness of the CCP, this includes the distribution of educational materials throughout the geographical area.
  8. The grantee will provide weekly data to IDHS-DH to meet the FEMA data reporting requirements.


Reference the Uniform Grant Agreement, Article IV Payment, Section 4.3 Cash Management Improvement Act of 1990 and Section 4.7 Timely Billing Required. Grantee shall submit allowable grant expenses on the appropriate DMH invoice template to the email address indicated on the template no later than the 30th day of the month following the end of the service month. Invoiced expenses should be consistent with the approved annual grant budget. Any expenditure variances require prior Grantor approval in accordance with Article VI of the grant agreement to be reimbursable. All invoices shall be HIPPA compliant and encrypted utilizing DHS approved encryption software if so indicated on the invoice template. Invoices shall serve as the request for reimbursement as well as the Periodic Financial Report.

DMH invoice templates can be found in the Provider section of the DHS website.

Performance Measures

  1. Identify Crisis Counseling Program Model Team Leader.
  2. Number of Crisis Counselors hired, including Team Leader, with evidence they reside within the provider's geographic area.
  3. Number of Crisis Counselors certified in the FEMA/SAMSHA required training.
  4. Number of individuals contacted by the CCP crisis counselors.
  5. Number of new resources identified to meet needs identified by the CCP.
  6. Number of informal community partnerships established by the CCP.
  7. Number of social media events and new entities distributing educational materials.
  8. Number of phone calls received by the CPP program.
  9. Number of weekly reports submitted to DMH.

Performance Standards

  1. Provider identified a Crisis Counseling Program Model Team Leader.
  2. 100% of the Crisis Counselor positions hired.
  3. 100% of the Crisis Counselors certified in the FEMA/SAMHSA required trainings.
  4. Percent of individuals in geographic area contacted by the CCP crisis counselors. (Goal .02% by end of contract term).
  5. 10 new resources identified over the life of the grant.
  6. 10 new community partnerships established over the life of the grant.
  7. 10 events or entities distributing educational materials over the life of the grant.
  8. Minimum of 30 phone calls received by the CPP program, per month.
  9. Minimum of 4 weekly reports submitted, per month.