HEALING ILLINOIS: Building a bridge to a racially equitable Illinois

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Healing Illinois hosts racial healing partners on Instagram Live segments, Thursdays at 4:00 PM. Click to watch the conversation and follow to stay updated.

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The Gros Institute of Lewis University is working to create a network of partners to grow the restorative justice community in Will County. Gros works with interfaith leaders to deepen intercultural empathy. It held a Zoom meeting with the Restorative Justice Committee for the Diocese of Joliet on January 27, 2021, and as many as 105 people joined the meeting.

Restorative justice practitioners from Cook County shared their inspiration and strategy for growing their practices. The organizations represented were Restore Justice of Illinois, Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, and the Institute on Public Safety & Social Justice at Adler University. Restorative justice seeks to address conflict and injustice through growing a web of relationships that call those who do harm to accountability and that seek opportunities to heal the harms being done.

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