HEALING ILLINOIS: Building a bridge to a racially equitable Illinois

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Healing Illinois hosts racial healing partners on Instagram Live segments, Thursdays at 4:00 PM. Click to watch the conversation and follow to stay updated.

*New Story*

The Elgin History Museum has partnered with the Elgin Social Justice Collective to create a multi-faceted project that will involve a Juneteenth partnership, a permanent mural, a documentary and a scholarship. With a $10,000 Healing Illinois grant, they will document the peaceful protests of the summer of 2020 with their Making Space program.

In the summer of 2020, racial justice protests were happening in Elgin (and the rest of the country). Some of the local businesses decided it was best to board up their establishments. No looting occurred in the community; on the contrary, artists from the community decided to paint over some of the boards.

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