Medical Morsel - Eligibility for Backdated Months


If not already in place, an Applicant may use available resources to purchase an exempt prepaid funeral or burial contracts at any point after submitting an application for medical assistance up until a final determination of eligibility on the application has been made by the Department.

When determining eligibility for a backdated month, the individual is eligible for the entire month if they become eligible at any point during that month. Eligibility for each retroactive month would be determined based on the amount of resources and income that were available in that individual month. Expenditures for allowable transfers or purchases would be applied only for the month in which they were made. Eligibility for each month of medical backdating is determined separately.

Apply eligibility rules regarding exempt/non-exempt resources and allowable exemptions when determining what amount of resources to use.

Contact the Bureau of Medical Eligibility Policy at 217-557-7158 if you have any questions.