July 14, 2020 - Quality Care Board Meeting


July14, 2020 @ 11:00 a.m.



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Peter B. Neumer, Acting Inspector General; Brian Dunn, Chairperson; Shirley Perez, Board Member; Jae Jin Pak, Board Member; Megan Norlin, Board Member; Pamela Oller, Administrative Assistant;

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 11:04 a.m.

Prior to the meeting, OIG distributed sample case reports to board members for discussion. The reports are to be used as informational tools to better understand the process of OIG investigations.

Approval of May 12, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Motion to Approve - Shirley Perez

Motion Seconded - Jae Jin Pak

All in favor with no oppositions - May 12, 2020, minutes approved

Update on COVID-19 Impact and Policies

Inspector General Neumer reported a few of OIG's staff have begun returning to their assigned worksites cautiously and, for the most part, OIG employees that are able to work remotely will continue doing so at this time. OIG's Intake Bureau has been present at the office to answer live calls. DHS' "return to work" committee is responsible for addressing logistical challenges. DHS' goal is to have PPE available and procedures in place for a safe return to the office. OIG is not conducting on-site investigative activity at this time. OIG has had discussions about the possibility of doing interviews in "open" air (outdoor interviews). Day programs are discussing the logistics of opening back up. The facilities are allowing minimal visitors.

Investigations that are not an "emergency" and don't require OIG to physically be onsite are continuing to be done via WebEx, telephone, encrypted transfer of documents through email, facsimile, and through regular USPS. Depending upon the length of the remote work period, the office may need to create directives for any emergency situations that require onsite investigative activity.

Technology issues have been resolved for the most part with an occasion application mishap. The office has ordered state issued laptops for staff that do not have one in order to continue to perform their job duties remotely.

An inquiry was made as to whether the Intake Bureau could field live calls remotely. OIG does not presently possess the technology necessary to answer live calls remotely. This issue is being looked at in depth.

Update on Policy Changes

Inspector General Neumer reported the Conflict of Interest Policy has been approved. In the near future OIG will implement the rollout of the new policy along with other minor policy changes.

OIG began a pilot project of referring cases to a few of the Facilities at the end June and it appears to be successful. The goal, if it continues to be successful, is to rollout the project to the other Facilities and eventually to the Agencies within OIG's jurisdiction. The purpose of this project is to decrease the unnecessary placement of individuals on extended administrative leave or reassignment.

OIG is also working with DD to identify those individuals placed on a leave that should not have been and putting them back to work before the investigative report is complete. DHS Legal Counsel and OIG have an upcoming meeting to discuss the drafting of policies as it pertains to such a situation.

The credible evidence policy has been revised to account for federal regulations that could impact state operations. An Illinois Statute is being reviewed as it pertains to OIG investigative findings of unsubstantiated and unfounded. OIG would like to amend the Statute which would allow OIG the flexibility of returning individuals to work that fall into the unsubstantiated or unfounded findings prior to the completion of the investigative report.

The Conflict of Interest Policy remains the same.

Report Review

The reports were sent out for board members to review prior to the meeting. Chairperson Dunn opened the floor for questions or issues in general regarding the reports.

Inspector General Neumer stated the new template for investigative reports is not mandated at this point, but investigators are encouraged to use the new format. The office is creating an administrative directive regarding the use of the revised report.

There was a discussion of the types of cases the Inspector General reviews and gives his final approval. Inquiry was made as to whether there is effect on an investigation if an employee is terminated or resigns prior to the completion of the investigation - it is a case by case basis, but in general it does not make a significant impact on the investigation.

The OIG is in the process of creating an outcome base reporting tool for non-reportable and unsubstantiated cases that would enable OIG to track, follow-up, and possibly make necessary recommendations. Death cases are reviewed by the clinical coordinator. If there is no abuse and/or neglect found this case does not go to the Inspector General. However, all death cases are reviewed by a mortality review board. Inspector General to report the number of death cases reviewed by the board.

Summary of Investigative Reporting: Reports are sent with a written response form. The written response is returned to the office and entered manually into the current database. The OIG is discussing the current application being utilized for the investigation database and the future needs which may include upgrading the application utilized for the database.

Discussion of placement on registry and determination of discipline for individuals.

Other Business

Chairperson Dunn reminded the board to complete any required training by the due date which is part of their responsibility of serving on the Quality Care Board.


Meeting adjourned at 12:18 p.m.