IDHS Relief Efforts for Child Care Providers during COVID-19

IDHS has also translated this resource into Arabic (pdf), Chinese (pdf), Hindi (pdf), Japanese (pdf), Korean (pdf), Polish (pdf), Russian (pdf), Spanish (pdf), and Vietnamese (pdf).

The following are financial considerations the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) has taken in response to the economic strain the child care space has experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Providers (applicable through June 30th):

  • Attendance Exemption - For service months March through June, IDHS has paid for all eligible days of care regardless of attendance, if providers certify that they will continue to pay their staff for CCAP. This is available whether their program is open or closed during the month.
  • 30% Rate Enhancement - For programs that remained open and provided emergency child care to children of essential workers, IDHS has paid a 30% rate increase over the typical CCAP rate.
  • Emergency Stipends - Programs that remained open to provide emergency child care were eligible to receive a one-time stipend to help offset the cost of PPE/Cleaning supplies and staff costs. Stipends ranged from $750 to $3,000.

For CCAP Clients (applicable through June 30th):

  • IDHS automatically extended CCAP eligibility for six months for cases with eligibility ending March through June.
  • Per federal guidelines that mandate cost sharing, all parent/guardian co-pays were reduced to $1.
  • Eligibility for CCAP was expanded to Priority Essential Workers who did not have the option to work remotely and had no other options for childcare. They have been charged $1 co-pays for use of the program.

Next Step: Child Care Restoration Grant

  • In continuance of our commitment to supporting the child care space during these times, IDHS is collaborating with DCEO to develop a $270 million grant program for FY21. This grant will provide additional relief to licensed providers during the reopen period that is more expansive as it is applicable to address costs beyond the CCAP market. All licensed child care providers who can demonstrate they are experiencing business disruptions due to diminished capacities during the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible.
  • Interested licensed providers are encouraged to fill out an "Intent to Apply" survey. The survey will close on June 19th at 5pm. The full application for grants will launch sometime after July 1.