WAG 01-06-02-a: Cash Benefits

New Manual Material IES Phase 2 Process

  1. (FCRC) Approve or deny the application through the Integrated Eligibility System (IES).
  2. (FCRC) Using IES, generate and mail form IL444-0360C Notice of Decision either:
    1. Centrally if the worker runs eligibility and certifies case; or
    2. Locally by:
      1. running eligibility and certifying the case;
      2. selecting the Correspondence module in Left Navigation; and
      3. clicking the Local Print button.
  3. (IES) Sends form IL444-360C Notice of Decision the day after the nightly batch job.
  4. (FCRC) Generates and mails form IL-444 360C Notice of Decision if local print is chosen.
  5. (FCRC) Reprints notices using the correspondence module in left navigation in IES.

Features of Systematically Generated Form IL444-0360C Notice of Decision

The IL444-360C Notice Of Decision has 5 sections.  IES will generate the following fragments as appropriate:

  1. Summary Section provides information on:
    1. notice date;
    2. date of application or date of change;
    3. what action is being taken;
    4. the policy citation for the action;
    5. information on how to use their LINK card (if applicable), and
    6. information on how to use Manage My Case in ABE.
  2. Cash Section provides information on:
    1. person(s) eligible for cash; 
    2. availability date of cash benefits;
    3. sanction information;
    4. if the action is due to a financial reason, the calculation of benefits, and
    5. person(s) ineligible for cash and the policy citation.
  3. Medical Section - see WAG 01-06-02-b.
  4. SNAP Section - see WAG 01-06-02-d.
  5. Additional Information Section provides information on:
    1. cash and medical change reporting requirements;
    2. rights under the cash and medical program;
    3. rights on an approved or denied TANF application;
    4. right to a Fair Hearing (Appeal);
    5. continuing benefits while an appeal is pending; and
    6. approved representative information.

Changed Manual MaterialLegacy System Process (ACM and IPACS)

  1. New Manual Material(FCRC) Approve or deny the application through the Integrated Eligibility System (IES).
  2. Changed Manual Material(System) Sends (or syncs) the approval or denial data from IES to the Client Data Base.
  3. (System) Within 2 workdays of when an application is approved or denied, automatically issues and sends Form 360C.
  4. Changed Manual Material(FCRC) Complete and send correct sections and pages of Notice of Decision on Application for Cash, Medical and/or SNAP - Local (Form 360) for approved cases which do not meet all the criteria for the central issuance of Form 360C (see WAG 17-01-04-a).
  5. (FCRC) When manually issuing Form 360 series, always complete the following information on Form 360D:
    1. Date of Notice (the date the correct pages of Form 360 series are mailed);
    2. Family Community Resource Center name, address, and telephone number; and
    3. Date of application.
      1. For AABD cases, when manually issuing Form 360 series, include AABD/SNAP Computation (Form 4050)
  6. (FCRC) Send the client the first page (Form 360D) and the appeals rights page (Form 360P) and any section(s) which applies to the program(s) for which a decision has been made.
  7. (FCRC) Complete the correct pages of Form 360 series for the approval of cases initially approved or denied as presumptively eligible (PE). For TANF Cash cases, send TANF Cash Computation Form (Form 2383C) and Attachment to Worksheet for Computation of Grant/SNAP (Form 553G) with the correct pages and section(s) of Form 360 to the applicant, when applicable.
  8. (System) For TANF Cash cases, issues and sends Approval TANF/SNAP Computation (Form 553I), and if needed, Attachment to Worksheet for Computation of Grant/SNAP (Form 553GC), when a cash application is approved and income is budgeted for the first regular payment month. For AABD cases, issues and sends AABD/SNAP (Form 4050C) when a cash application is approved.
  9. (System) Includes a statement on Form 360C advising the client to contact the Family Community Resource Center to receive more information about the reason for the decision, when an application is denied because the applicant was found "not disabled" (AABD).