WAG 01-05-04-c: OIG Investigation

PM 01-05-04-c.

When a reporter indicates that the life or safety of a disabled adult is in imminent danger, OIG staff begin an assessment within 24 hours of the report. All other reports of suspected abuse or neglect in private homes are investigated within 7 calendar days of the report. Reports of exploitation are assessed within 30 calendar days of the report. In state facilities and community agencies, an initial assessment is completed within 3 days of the report.

OIG refers substantiated reports of abuse, neglect or exploitation in private residences to the appropriate DHS office depending on the nature of the adult's primary disability:

  • Developmental disability - Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD);
  • Mental illness - Office of Mental Health (OMH);
  • Physical Disability - Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS).

OIG refers substantiated reports of abuse and neglect in state facilities and community agencies funded by DHS to the agency/facility administration for corrective action and administrative discipline.

If a report concerns a state-operated facility or a community agency, OIG

sends a letter to the reporter telling whether an allegation was substantiated, couldn't be proved, or unfounded. When received, file the letter in the client's case record. OIG does not send a follow-up report when the alleged victim lives in a private home.