PM 01-05-04-c: OIG Investigation

WAG 01-05-04-c

OIG initiates an assessment of a report immediately when risk of death or bodily harm is indicated. If the individual appears to be in danger, emergency protection may be provided. If it appears that a crime may have been committed, OIG contacts the appropriate law enforcement agency.

When OIG receives a report alleging abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a disabled adult, OIG staff inform the disabled adult, alleged perpetrator, legal guardian (if any), and authorized representatives of a facility or community program providing services to the adult. If legally competent, and residing in a private home, a disabled adult must give consent before an investigation of allegations which are of a non-emergency nature can continue.

If OIG determines that a report of domestic abuse, neglect or financial exploitation is substantiated, OIG refers the individual for services. The appropriate office within DHS is responsible for addressing the needs of the disabled adult. If a report against a DHS facility or agency employee is substantiated, OIG informs the employer for corrective action and administrative discipline.

If a report concerns a state-operated facility or a community agency, OIG will send a letter to the reporter telling whether an allegation was substantiated, couldn't be proved, or unfounded.