PM 01-05-04-a:Abuse and Neglect of Disabled Adults Defined

WAG 01-05-04-a

Abuse - causing any physical, sexual, or mental injury.

Physical abuse - physical harm caused by any non-accidental act or omission including the knowing, reckless use of force, confinement, or restraint; knowing, repeated, and unnecessary sleep deprivation; or knowing and reckless conduct that creates an immediate risk of physical harm.

Sexual abuse - inappropriate contact of a sexual nature between an individual with disabilities and another person including touching, fondling, sexual threats, sexually inappropriate remarks, or other sexual activity with an adult with disabilities when the adult is unable to understand, unwilling to consent, or is threatened or physically forced to engage in sexual behavior.

Mental injury - harm caused by an act or omission that causes emotional distress or maladaptive behavior, including the use of words, signs, gestures, or other actions in the presence of the individual.

Neglect - in a private residence, the failure to provide, or the willful withholding of, the basic necessities of life, including food, shelter, clothing, and medical and personal care.

Financial Exploitation - the illegal use of an individual's assets or resources.

NOTE: Reliance on spiritual treatment according to a recognized church is not considered abuse or neglect.