5/6/20 - A Message from Secretary Hou: Happy Nurses Day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Good evening, IDHS staff:

Today is National Nurses' Day and, in honor of all our IDHS nurses working on the front lines of this pandemic, we'd like to highlight Cyndi SchierlSpreen. National Nurses' Day kicks off Nurses' Week, a multi-day celebration, recognizing the amazing contributions of nurses across the country.

Cyndi is not only a Registered Nurse, but she is also a military veteran. There are an estimated quarter of a million veterans who call Illinois home, and it brings me great joy to highlight a veteran at IDHS, especially on National Nurses' Day.

Bright Spot: Cynthia "Cyndi" SchierlSpreen (Bureau Chief - Office of Quality Management, Division of Developmental Disabilities; Currently on Assignment at Ludeman Developmental Center)

Cyndi is a Registered Nurse and works at IDHS as the Bureau Chief for the Office of Quality Management, Division of Developmental Disabilities, which has several different units - Quality Review, Quality Enhancement, and Critical Incident Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS). All of the units work together to ensure the Illinoisans we serve are receiving quality care. As Bureau Chief, Cyndi is responsible for planning, developing, and organizing the quality review and enhancement systems and programs for the Division.

With more than 25 years served in the U.S. Air Force and a specialization in emergency management, Cyndi refused to sit by as community and staff members were being impacted by COVID-19. Shortly after the stay at home order was implemented, she contacted IDHS's leadership to offer her expertise and to assist wherever she could make an impact. As a result, Cindy was voluntarily deployed to Ludeman Developmental Center to assist with the coordination of infection control processes.

Cyndi remains in the Park Forest community and is committed to providing assistance for as long as she is needed. She has been instrumental, helping to assist with training infection control, onboarding new nurses, and ensuring the appropriation of PPE to medical personnel.

Cyndi Fun Facts:

  • Cyndi loves her family and pets.
  • Cyndi has worked for the State of Illinois for 12 years, but recently joined IDHS in February.
  • Cyndi was the 932nd Airlift Wing ASTS Medical Readiness Officer.

Cyndi, thank you to you and all of our nurses working for IDHS for your sacrifices, and for continuing to step up for our residents across Illinois.

Thank you,


Grace B. Hou

Secretary, IDHS