4/2/20 - A Message to Providers: New Rehabilitation Services Helpline

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Dear Stakeholders,

The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) is proud to announce the launch of a new toll-free number for all DRS customers to use during the current global pandemic. Existing or prospective customers can call 1-877-581-3690 to receive assistance regarding DRS programs and services that are designed to allow those with disabilities throughout the state to live, learn, and work independently. These services include in-home services, assistive technology, vocational and occupational rehabilitation, educational services for individuals with all types of disabilities, including deaf or hard-of-hearing Illinoisans, blind people, and people with low vision, along with other supports.

As you know, all DRS local offices were closed last week, and DRS staff has transitioned to remote telework. DRS continues to assist customers, vendors and other stakeholders with programs and services, even during this global crisis.

This new toll-free number provides customers with another avenue to stay in touch with their local DRS office for service-related questions. By offering customers the ability to connect at 1-877-581-3690, the DRS vocational rehabilitation and home services program staff can get people with disabilities the important services they need.

The partnership with Illinoisans with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful work, education, and life experiences is paramount for DRS. DRS works to maximize the ability of people with disabilities to live independently, make their own choices, and contribute to their community.

All customers are encouraged to call their local offices by using the new toll free number at 1-877-581-3690 or to visit the DRS website to receive the services and supports they need during these trying and challenging times.


Rahnee Patrick

Director, Division of Rehabilitation Services