PM 01-03-01-a: Failure to Cooperate

WAG 01-03-01-a

Deny the SNAP application if the SNAP unit fails to:

  • provide requested information within 10 days of the request date and has not contacted the Family Community Resource Center; or
  • fails to appear for their scheduled eligibility interview and does not request another interview by the 30th day after the application date.

If the person who fails to provide the needed information is not a part of the SNAP unit, do not deny the case. The following people are excluded from the case but are part of the SNAP unit and must cooperate:

  • students who do not meet student status (see PM 03-04-03);
  • ineligible noncitizens and persons with questionable INS status (see PM 03-01-03);
  • persons who do not meet Social Security Number guidelines (see PM 03-11-00); and
  • persons sanctioned due to:
    • an intentional program violation (see PM 23-06-00); or
    • failure to comply with work registration (see PM 03-15-01).