COVID 19 Suspension of the Collection of Premiums and Copayments for Medical Programs

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  • The collection of premiums for Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities (HBWD), Veterans Care (VC) and All Kids Share and Premium programs is suspended. Copayments will also not be charged during the disaster period.
  • System updates to IES and PAAS/SAP.

Premiums and Copayments

Due to the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration, effective March 2020, Illinois is suspending the collection of premiums and copayments for the HBWD, Veterans Care and All Kids programs.

No premiums or copayments will be charged for medical coverage under these programs during the COVID-19 Emergency. The March and April premiums have already been mailed to clients; however, the Bureau of Fiscal Operations (BFO) will be issuing future statement credits to the accounts of those clients who have already paid. BFO will not be issuing premium statements to clients during the COVID-19 disaster period. The AKU caseworkers do not need to create PDLs for March and April 2020.

Note: Individuals will not have a balance due for premiums incurred during the COVID-19 Emergency.

System Updates

Effective April 2020, correspondence requesting premium payments has been suspended. IES has been updated to not close EDGs that require the payment of premiums until further notice. 

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Grace B. Hou
Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Theresa Eagleson
Director, Healthcare and Family Services