PM 01-02-02-a: Cash and Medical Programs

WAG 01-02-02-a

What a Client Must Do

revised manual materialA case not enrolled in Mid-Point Reporting (MPR) must report any change within 10 calendar days of the change.  This also applies to the person who handles the income and assets of a client in an LTC or SLF.  The change may be reported by phone, in person, or by mail.

revised manual materialA TANF family in Mid-Point Reporting is required to report changes on the interim report form and at the annual REDE.

NOTE: For medical program purposes for adults, changes must be reported within 10 days.  For medical programs for children, other than for situations listed in PM 18-05-01, an increase in income does not have to be reported until the annual REDE/renewal.

The client must cooperate in providing proof of the change when needed.

The client has the right to file a written request for increased benefits or special payments.  In some cases, a written request may be required to qualify for an increase in benefits.  For more information on when a written request is required for cash and medical, see PM 18 Changes.

What a Long Term Care or Supportive Living Facility Must Do

An LTC or SLF must report admission, discharge, death or any other change which could have an effect on a resident's eligibility within 5 workdays of the change.

What DHS Staff Must Do

Assist the client in preparing any written request due to a change in circumstance if it is needed to decide eligibility.

If the change results in increased benefits, approve the request so that the increased benefits are mailed no later than 45 calendar days from when the Family Community Resource Center received the request.  For cash cases, any increase starts the date the change was reported, if the client was eligible on this date, or the first date of eligibility, depending on the type of change.  For TANF cases, it may start before the report date if it is a filing unit change (see PM 18-03-06).

A delay by the client to give proof of a change extends the 45 calendar day period by the same amount of time. Depending upon the type of change, a delay in reporting the change may also affect the effective date of increase.

For clients in an LTC or SLF, complete a review of any lump sum payment within 30 days.