Printable Timesheets and Provider Employment Packet

HSP Payroll Schedules

Printable Timesheets:

While DRS offices are experiencing closures and/or limited staffing due to COVID-19, HSP Customers and their providers are still required to use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and maintain and submit a timesheet. 

Submission of Current Timesheets

On 9/22/20, Customers and IPs were asked to begin submitting current timesheets to the local office for processing. Timesheets should be submitted by the timesheet due date as listed on the enclosed "HSP Individual Provider Payroll Schedule."

Additional Guidelines for Submission of timesheets

  • Timesheets must be complete and legible and must include the signatures of both the Customer and IP.
  • Original timesheets are not required. Timesheets may be scanned, faxed, photocopied, or similarly reproduced if the copy is of the original document.
  • Signatures may be original handwritten, electronically reproduced or digitally signed.
  • IPs may use the standard 3-ply carbon timesheets, photocopy of the 3-ply carbon timesheet or the PDF version of the timesheet posted below.
  • Timesheets may be submitted through any of the HSP-approved methods: email, fax, drop boxes now located at the local office or USPS.

If you don't have any more NCR (white, pink and yellow) timesheets, the Home Services Program (HSP) is temporarily allowing the use of a single page timesheet.

  • The temporary timesheet can be downloaded and printed or saved on your computer. You must record corresponding EVV clock in and out times on the timesheet.
  • If you save the timesheet to your computer, it is recommended using "Save As" function and enter a file name that includes the pay period (e.g. John Smith Timesheet 4.1.20 -4.16.20) so previous copies are not overwritten.

Please Note: By downloading or printing the IL488-2251 Home Services Program Timesheet, you acknowledge that you have read the information above.

Individual Provider Employment Packet:

The packet below is required to become an Individual Provider for a Customer of the Home Services Program. The Customer or Individual Provider should email, scan or mail the packet back to the local DRS office.

Please Note: The packet can be filled out electronically, or printed and filled out and scanned or mailed back to the local office. Blank pages are inserted for double sided printing.

If you cannot print from Internet Explorer, we recommend using Google Chrome. If you are having difficulties viewing or downloading the entire packet, the individual forms are listed below.

The forms in this section must be completed and returned to HSP to process enrollment to become an Individual Provider:

The forms in this section should be referred to for informational and/or future purposes:

Relevant or helpful documentation for an HSP Customer hiring an Individual Provider:

If you encounter a problem when clicking on the links, please troubleshoot the following:

  • Make sure you have Adobe
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe
  • Try saving the file to your desktop and opening the file from there.
  • If you are using a Mac, make sure your Adobe app is open

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