3/23/20 - Message to Early Intervention Providers - Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, March 23rd, 2020


1) Question: Since Interpreters authorizations for direct service are offsite, will new onsite authorizations be required?

Answer: At this time, we have a process being put in place with the EI Central Billing Office (EI CBO). The following is what all Interpreters should do effective with dates of service March 17, 2020 (and March 16, 2020 if those were also delivered over the phone while the provider was doing a Consultation with the family):

  • Interpreters should bill with T1013, POS 11
  • Claims must have the authorization number in box 19 of the CMS1500 form (see sample below)
  • Claims must include two-digit alpha code description for the service
  • Claims must be submitted through QClaims
  • Providers who need assistance with enrolling in QClaims should look at the resources on the EI Central billing Office website at www.EICBO.info. Click on the Providers' link and choose QClaims. Providers may also call the EI CBO Help Desk at 1-800-634-8540 between 7:30am - 5:00pm any business day.


2) Question: Is telehealth available as an option for EI services?

Answer: There is not an approved Teletherapy/Telehealth system in the Illinois Early Intervention system currently. However, the Telehealth Workgroup has been charged with establishing plans to implement a system as quickly as possible that meets all necessary federal and state guidelines. The Bureau acknowledges the recent posting of some HIPAA compliance lenience but is still working through the Office of Special Education Programs regarding FERPA compliance. Please continue to watch for updates on the EI Provider Connections and other EI Partners websites.