WAG 01-01-07-a: Partial Repayment of Cash or Medical Benefits

  1. Complete Payment Transmittal Slip (Form 3021) if a person wants to partially repay cash benefits.
  2. Offer to send the payment and Form 3021 via Department mail to the Cash Management Unit/Recoveries. Check the "Voluntary Repayment of Assistance" section.
  3. Complete the appropriate entries on Form 3021 and advise the person to send the completed form and a check or money order (no cash) to:

Bureau of Fiscal Operations
Cash Management Unit/Recoveries
PO Box 19407
Springfield, IL 62794-9407

If the person wants to send the payment themselves, give them an envelope pre-addressed to BFO.

revised textDo not consider a voluntary repayment as available income in determining the benefit amount, if the person making the payment is a current cash or medical customer. (Does not apply to SNAP section of case.)