3/20/20 - Message for DUI Intervention Services - COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Friday, March 20, 2020

COVID-19 and DUI Intervention Services Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I continue to provide DUI Evaluations?

  1. Follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) website for information. Regularly consult the Illinois Department of Public Health website for information specific to our state.
  2. IDHS-SUPR licensed organizations must prioritize the safety of their staff and clients. Therefore, while the COVID-19 Disaster Proclamation is in effect, we discourage close-contact activities such as DUI evaluations. At this time the use of home computers, mobile devises or land line telephones is allowed to complete all DUI intervention services. In the DUI evaluation, you must report the method used to complete the service (e.g., telehealth) and the information that was not collected.

Please note that the Illinois Secretary of State will be closed until March 31, 2020. Therefore, all evaluations for the Secretary of State need to be rescheduled. Once the Illinois Secretary of State reopens, IDHS/SUPR will consult with them for additional guidance. Visit the Illinois Secretary of State website for regular updates at https://cyberdriveillinois.com.

Q: What about risk education classes and supervision?

  1. Minimize group gatherings such as 10-hours of risk education groups. Limit staff meeting or participation in upcoming staff trainings.
  2. Group services is highly discouraged at this time.

Q: If staff must be self-quarantined and staffing is reduced can organizations share staff, if needed?

  1. If you suspect that one of your staff or clients was exposed or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, follow the CDC and IDPH guidelines.

Q: What else can organizations providing intervention services do?

  1. Consider changing the hours of operations, stagger or extending hours to limit large groups in waiting rooms.
  2. Restrict visitors under 18 years of age (children and young adults develop mild systems; older populations are at higher risk for serious illness).

For DHS specific information about coronavirus, visit dhs.illinois.gov/coronavirus, and for statewide information on coronavirus, visit http://CoronaVirus.Illinois.Gov/.