3/17/20 - Message to Division of Mental Health Residential Programs and COVID-19 Response

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Further Guidance Regarding COVID-19 Precautions and Potential Resident Relocations

The health, safety, and well-being of those we serve as well as the staff providing that service are amongst IDHS/DMH's highest priorities. We recognize the particular challenges faced by those with grants to provide residential services, and offer the following guidance and supports:

We advise all providers to review and continue to educate their staff on proper precautions which should be taken to minimize any potential spread of infection, including, at a minimum, screening questions for both consumers and provider staff prior to in-person contact.

Information may be found at the IDPH and CDC websites:

We are aware that your program's plans will need to be tailored to your situation. We remind you that your grant contains specific language related to your residents' relocation needs. Should such a situation arise, please notify your program contact with a specific, written plan of action for the program that includes number of individuals served, where your program will be relocated, and how you will continue to meet the needs of the individuals. For ease of reference, the specific program contacts are listed below:

Program 620: James.White@illinois.gov Program 820: Helen.McCaskill@illinois.gov

Program 830: Veronica.Trimble@illinois.gov Program 860: Ashley.Bae@illinois.gov 

Other Important Links:

Thank you for all you do.


David Albert, PhD

Director, IDHS/DMH