Home Services Program (HSP) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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The Home Services Program (HSP) is focused on protecting the health and safety of all our Customers, Providers, and staff. All communications impacting HSP will be posted on this site. Because of the speed at which the situation is changing, please check this site often as information will be added as it become available.

For general non-HSP specific information on COVID-19, you can utilize the IDHS COVID-19 hotline at 1 (800) 889-3931 or:  http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=123118 

DRS Hotline 1-877-581-3690: 
If you know your local DRS office or Counselors contact information, please continue to use that means of contact.  If you do not know your local DRS office or Counselors contact information, please use the new DRS Hotline and you will be directed to the appropriate contact in your region.

New Updates & Reminders (7/15/2020):

Timesheet Update

As DRS Local Offices remain closed during the COVID-19 National State of Emergency (NSOE), the Home Services Program would like to provide a timesheet update.

  • Individual Providers working for HSP Customers are still required to use Santrax (EVV) to clock in and out for each shift worked and to record those times on a timesheet. Timesheets can be a 3-ply traditional timesheet or the PDF version posted on this website under Printable Time Sheets and Provider Employment Packet.
  • Timesheets can be mailed to the local office, put into a drop box at the local office or emailed to the Counselor or Coordinator at any time. Timesheets can also be held until the end of the NSOE and turned in once DRS Local Offices reopen.
  • Until further notice, Individual Provider paychecks will continue to be based solely on EVV clock in and clock out times.
  • Individual Providers who think their paycheck is inaccurate and want to dispute the paycheck, the HSP Customer should email or call the Counselor. Please follow the prompts when calling the local DRS Office.

Santrax (EVV) Readback Feature

When an Individual Provider (IP) performs a call in/out through EVV, he or she will now hear the Santrax ID they entered read back to them for approval.

  • If the IP approves the Santrax ID readback as correct, the call will continue as normal.
  • If the IP declines the Santrax ID readback as incorrect, the IP will be given two more chances to enter the correct Santrax ID.
  • If the IP incorrectly enters the Santrax ID three times, the visit will not be successfully recorded.

Notifications and Documents:

A message from the Director of the Division of Rehabilitation Services:  DRS HSP Customer Video

If you are an HSP Customer and do not have available backup providers for your HSP Service needs due to a COVID-19 related scenario, please contact the Emergency Provider Program at 1-800-587-1227. 

Printable Timesheets
 and Provider Employment Packets are available at this link:  http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=123492

This is a list of documents that have been distributed or made available.


To Personal Assistants and Home Services Customers Across Illinois:

  • We understand that you may be wondering whether the Governor's new Stay at Home executive order applies to Personal Assistants in the Home Services Program.
  • The State of Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services wants you to know: The Stay At Home Order does not prevent IPs/PAs from working. Vital PA services are exempt from the order, so please continue delivering care as you usually would while taking the necessarily health and safety precautions.


Rahnee K. Patrick, Director- Division of Rehabilitation Service

Local DRS Office Closures:

In an effort to facilitate social distancing to protect our community and our employees during the COVID-19 emergency, local DRS office physical locations will be closed until further notice.

Please continue to call your local office with any questions or concerns. Many of our offices have the ability to automatically forward calls. If your call is not automatically forwarded, please leave a message. The DRS-HSP staff will return your calls as soon as possible.

Temporary exceptions allowable under the State of Emergency:

Telephone Redeterminations:

  • Counselors are authorized to complete annual redeterminations and referrals over the phone.
  • The Counselor will contact you to schedule the date and time of your telephone appointment.

Customer Hospitalization Assistance:

  • If an HSP Customer is hospitalized due to COVID-19 related circumstances, their Individual Provider may be reimbursed for providing personal care services to the Customer while they are in the hospital.
  • Customer must contact their HSP Counselor to receive prior approval.
  • Services are limited to personal care (eating, bathing, grooming, dressing, etc.).
  • Individual Providers are still limited to the Customer's service plan hours and cannot exceed 16 working hours in a 24-hour period.

Spouses and Parents as Providers:

  • This temporary exception will allow Spouses or Parents of Minors to enroll as a paid provider during the State of Emergency.
  • Customers must contact their HSP Counselor if they need to hire a Spouse or Parent. The Counselor will assist with the hiring process and discuss the number of hours available in your Service Plan. The number of hours available for a spouse or parent to work will be based upon the customer's personal care needs as identified in the service plan.
  • Spouses and Parents of Minors must stop billing for services provided to the Customer once the State of Emergency is lifted.

Respite Services:

  • If a respite Customer has an unpaid provider who is unable to provide care during the COVID-19 pandemic, HSP Counselors can authorize additional service hours in an amount dependent upon the participants specific needs. This is only necessary for those respite cases that will exceed their 240-hour limit during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

EVV and Clock In/Clock Out Process:

While DRS office close for reasons related to COVID-19, the HSP Customer and Provider are still required to use EVV and maintain a timesheet to be turned after the COVID-19 emergency has been lifted.  However, it is not required to physically submit the timesheet at this time. 

  • Timesheets can still be submitted to the local DRS office with scanning or faxing being the preferred method.
  • During the COVID-19 emergency, pay checks will be calculated by your EVV clock in and clock out times.  Until further notice, your EVV time recordings are crucial to accurate pay.
  • This is a temporary measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and is not meant to be punitive to provides. 
    • If the Provider feels their pay is inaccurate:
      • The Customer can submit the paper timesheet electronically to the Counselor.
      • DRS will work to reconcile any discrepancies between the timesheet and EVV records as soon as possible to make the Provider whole.
  • HSP Providers are encouraged to use the 1-800-804-3833 automated system to ensure the hours of work have been processed and paid.

Frozen and Shelf Stable Foods

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, HSP will be temporarily allowing frozen and shelf stable meals.

This allowance is to limit the possible exposure to daily deliveries as well as assist Customer's when their fresh meal vendor may be limiting daily delivery services.