PM 01-01-04-d: Viewing Case Records

WAG 01-01-04-d

The client or their approved representative may look at the case record. This includes canceled case records. Verify the person's identity. For cases with SNAP benefits, a request to see the record must be in writing. It may be submitted by any responsible SNAP unit member, the approved or authorized representative, or a person acting in the unit's behalf.

The client (or their representative) must come to the Family Community Resource Center during normal work hours. A Department employee must be there while the records are being viewed.

When information, such as psychiatric or other medical reports, specifically states that the client or benefit unit should not view the information, remove the information from the case record.

This information is not to be viewed by the client. Only the client's approved representative may see it.

For cases with SNAP benefits, the Family Community Resource Center may remove all confidential material, such as the names of persons who have provided information without the unit's knowledge and facts about pending criminal prosecutions.

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