Infectious Disease Outbreak Resources

The Division of Mental Health wants to support Parents (pdf), Teachers, School Administrators and Students in addressing everyone's needs during this infectious disease outbreak. Included in this webpage you will find resources to help you talk with students of all ages (pdf). We also want to ensure that adults are taking care of their own behavioral health needs (pdf) during this time. While this time can cause stress (pdf) for some, there are resources (pdf) available.

DMH has collected the following weblinks from our National Partners:

The Division wants to ensure you are also aware of State Specific resources. The Illinois Department of Public Health has both a hotline at 800-889-3931 and an email to help everyone across the state get their questions answered. Please refer to their webpage for further information.

Information is being updated daily, so please check the weblinks for the most current information.

The Illinois State Board of Education also has a weblink for information related to COVID 19. Please refer to their webpage at: