2020 All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks (AOK Networks) Fact Sheet

Illinois Department of Human Services
Division of Family & Community Services
Office of Early Childhood

Bureau Of Early Childhood Development

Contact:  Ana Maria Accove

Contact Email:  anamaria.accove@illinois.gov

Program Description

The All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks program is an initiative to promote healthy pregnancies and the positive growth and development of all children birth to five and their parents/caregivers by assuring a high quality, well-coordinated, easily accessible system of services and supports. AOK Networks use a data-driven approach to understand disparities and root causes of locally identified priority issues. The goal of the initiative is to improve outcomes for children and families through the implementation of evidence-based strategies that promote an effective local early childhood system. 

Our theory of change suggests that by working together across sectors we can improve the service system and this can result in greater synergistic outcomes for children and families.

At the core of our work is the realization that program approaches to changing child and family outcomes alone will never be sufficient to create the population-level changes we most want to create. That's why we focus on system improvement efforts.

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  • Coordinated Intake (CI)
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  • Local Interagency Council (LIC)
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  • Various local programs engaged as local AOK Network partners

Eligibility Requirements of Population Served

This initiative supports system change efforts, it is not intended to provide direct services. It supports enhancing the early childhood system of services and supports which in turn will lead to better child and family outcomes within a defined community.

Program Data

Program Data SFY18 SFY19 SFY20
Program Expenditures (Numbers in 000's) 721,443 921,443 921,443
Number of Grantees 10 11 11
Number of Network Partners 560 712 800 (Projected)

To access the current FY2020 service providers for this program, please use the following instructions:

Click on the link provided to access the GATA website:


  1. Under Active Programs and Awards, click (list) of agencies that have active grant programs.
  2. Click on Department of Human Services (444).
  3. Scroll down the list to locate the appropriate program information and corresponding (CSFA number). (Click the appropriate program).
  4. Scroll down to the end of the page to locate the FY2020 Active Awards and click (View all Awards) for the complete list of providers.

State and Federal Funding Sources

There is a blending of Federal and State funds that support this initiative. This initiative is funded by Infant Mortality, Childcare, and HealthyFamilies appropriations. In addition, the initiative is further supported locally with local revenue and community small grant opportunities.

State Statute(s), Federal Mandate(s), Matching Requirement(s), Maintenance-of-Effort Requirement(s), etc.

State Statutes: N/A

Federal Mandates: N/A

MOE: General Revenue funding is part of a maintenance of efforts requirement.