Illinois WIC Authorized Foods

IL WIC APL (Approved Product List)

A copy of the most recently published APL in Excel format is available below. The APL lists all of the WIC allowed foods and includes UPCs and product descriptions. It is in an excel spreadsheet with the complete APL on the first tab, newly added products on the second tab, and separate food categories on each of the following tabs.

Though the APL is updated regularly, the posted version may not contain all authorized UPCs or PLUs. Illinois WIC Staff will aim to update the posted APL at least quarterly throughout the year.

IL WIC APL - April 2024 (xlsx)

Illinois WIC Authorized Foods

Submitting Product Information for Review

If you think a product should be added to the APL, first verify that the item is a WIC Authorized food based on the criteria of the Approved Food List.

If an item meets the guidelines and is not on the Approved Food List, you may complete a UPC Submission request following the steps below.

To submit a product, complete the information on the UPC Submission Form (pdf) or for multiple products you may use the IL WIC UPC Request Spreadsheet (xlsx).

All submissions must be for a product that is currently approved on the Illinois WIC Authorized Food List and include photos that clearly show the

  • Nutrition Facts, including ingredients,
  • size,
  • UPC,
  • product name and
  • brand.

Submit completed forms and photos to