PM I-03-02: Pregnant Women Programs (Moms & Babies, MPE)

There are special medical programs for pregnant women. These programs have a higher income standard (up to 213% of the FPL) than the Revised TextACA Adult program. The programs help reduce infant deaths, reduce the number of low birth-weight infants, and provide for a more healthy childhood. These special programs are for:

  • Pregnant women who are not eligible for Assist due to their level of income or citizenship status. They may receive medical under Moms & Babies. They do not have to meet all of the Assist eligibility factors (see PM 06-09-00).
  • Pregnant women may receive help from the Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility (MPE) program, also known as the Healthy Start program. MPE pays qualified providers for prenatal outpatient medical care services for a limited time while DHS or HFS determines their eligibility for ongoing Moms & Babies medical benefits (see PM 06-10-00).