3. Deliverables/Costs /Payments


The program services, number of individuals to be served, and outcomes are detailed in Exhibit B of contracts.


The funding level for each program is based upon a Department approved budget for the services detailed in the Program Manual and/or the Grantee's request for funding, when applicable.

  • An initial working capital payment of 2/12 of the State General Revenue Award amount will be issued upon execution of the agreement; and may be rounded to the nearest $100.00. Subsequent payments will be reconciled against all previously submitted, documented and approved expenditures, ensuring that the Grantee will continue to maintain a 2/12 working capital advance.
  • Payments to the Grantee are scheduled monthly based on submitted expenditure documentation. Please refer to the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health Program Manual, Section 1.3 - "Financial Reporting and Administrative Costs" for specific details.
  • The Department will compare the amount of the initial working capital payment made to date with the documented expenditures provided to the Department by the Grantee. In the event the documented services provided by the Grantee do not justify the level of award being provided to the Grantee, future payments may be withheld or reduced until such time as the services documentation provided by the Grantee equals the amounts previously provided to the Grantee, less the two-month advance. Failure of the Grantee to provide timely, accurate and sufficiently detailed documentation will result in delayed payments and may result in a reduction of the total award.
  • The final two payments from the Department under this Agreement will not be advance payments. Final payment from the Department under this Agreement shall be made upon the Department's determination that all requirements under this Agreement have been completed, which determination shall not be unreasonably withheld. Such final payment will be subject to adjustment after the completion of a review of the Grantee's records as provided in the Agreement.
  • In determining wage subsidies, the provider shall adhere to the Illinois Minimum Wage Law (820 ILCS 105), the law's implementing regulations (56 Ill. Adm. Code 210), and any applicable local minimum wage regulations including but not limited to the Cook County Minimum Wage Ordinance (Chapter 42, Article I, Division 2, Sec. 42-11), and the Chicago Minimum Wage Ordinance (Chapter 1-24), including any applicable exclusions therein. Any subsidy paid in excess of the applicable minimum wage, or the $10.00 per hour maximum, will be un-allowed regardless of the approved budget.
  • Any further changes to Illinois' minimum wage laws or regulations as described above and any further changes to local minimum wage laws, ordinances, or regulations must also be adhered to.