Appendix F - Special Conditions

Special Conditions

The following are special conditions that apply to Providers serving SNAP customers.

  1. The Provider will respond to a request by the Department for additional or supplemental information within the timeframe specified in the written request for information.
  2. The Provider Manager will act as the duly authorized representative of the Department to facilitate the information flow between the Department and the Provider. The information required by the provisions of this Agreement must be routed to the Provider Manager unless otherwise specified within the provision contained in the Program Manual.

    The Provider Manager is the contact person to request technical assistance and/or to initiate dispute resolution. Requests for modification to the Provider's approved request for funding or Exhibits and requests for exception to contract requirements must be made in writing to the Provider Manager.

  3. Failure of either party to insist on performance of any term or condition of this Attachment or to exercise any right or privilege hereunder shall not be construed as a continuing or future waiver of such term, condition, right, or privilege.
  4. The Provider, excluding Earnfare Providers which do not receive administrative funds, must develop linkages and coordination of service delivery with other service providers, as appropriate, to ensure that the needs of the customer are met. The Provider's service system must build on the assets of each customer served by increasing the capacity to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency to the maximum extent possible.
  5. The Provider will not give or receive compensation or make financial arrangements with employers for hiring or retaining customers.
  6. The Provider is prohibited from imposing fees, penalties or fines on customers for any reason.
  7. The Provider is prohibited from assigning customers to participate in political activities during the term of this Agreement.
  8. The Provider shall not require customers to engage in any religious activities while assigned to any of the activities under this agreement.
  9. The Provider will ensure that customers are adequately supervised, as defined in the Program Manual, and that the physical environment is appropriate and safe and meets all applicable standards set by State and Federal laws, rules and regulations.
  10. The Provider is responsible for ensuring that funds are spent only on individuals eligible for services under the conditions of this Agreement.
  11. The Provider will not duplicate services. The Provider will not exchange customers between this Agreement and any other Departmental contractual Agreement without the approval of the FCRC liaison. There will be no payment for duplications under this Attachment. There will be no payment for exchanges without a signed and dated Referral Form from the Department.
  12. Nothing in this Attachment shall prevent the Provider from performing similar services for other parties. However, the Provider warrants that at no time will the compensation paid by the Department for services rendered under this Attachment exceed the rate the Provider charges for the rendering of similar services elsewhere.
  13. In the event the Provider, its parent or related corporate entity becomes a party to any litigation, investigation or transaction that may reasonably be considered to have a material impact on the ability to perform under this Agreement, the Provider will immediately notify the Department in writing. Failure to notify the Department constitutes a breach of this Agreement that can result in immediate termination.
  14. The Provider will provide the Department with written notification of negative incidents involving or impacting customers within 48 hours. The Department will assume no responsibility for the inappropriate conduct of participants. The Provider has the right to pursue legal remedies against participants for misdeeds with no involvement on the part of the Department.
  15. If the Department identifies or becomes aware of legal violations or alleged improprieties, the Department will remove the participants from the premises of the Provider and/or the Provider's subcontractor(s). The Department may withhold payments without notice.
  16. The Provider will attend meetings held by the Department to discuss issues related to the Agreement and/or the contracting process and will require appropriate project staff to attend Department arranged training sessions.
  17. The Department will provide the Provider with training on: policy and program requirements; billing processes; participant referral process; use of Department forms; issuance and authorization of supportive services; and, the fiscal monitoring process/ expectation. Thereafter, the Department will provide the Provider with technical assistance at the Provider's request.
  18. The Provider will establish procedures to train new hires on Department policy and procedures.
  19. Generally accepted accounting principles will be used. See UGA section 6: Paragraph 6-4 of the UGA is more specific and reads in part: "…Total line item transfers exceeding the allowable variance of the greater of either (i) ten percent (10%) of the Budget line item or (ii) one thousand dollars ($1,000) of the Budget line item require Grantor approval as set forth in Paragraph 6.2.".
  20. The Department will evaluate the Provider's outcomes against those stated in the Program Manual. Unsatisfactory outcomes may affect funding.
  21. All contractors must have a community outreach plan which includes a detailed description for notifying the community of the program, hours of operation, and admittance/eligibility requirements into the program(s) they administer for IDHS. Each contractor must have available for inspection linkage agreements or memorandums of understanding with other community services agencies, IDHS FCRCs, and other outreach entities. IDHS must approve any publication and distribution of flyers, printed materials and brochures that are part of the IDHS funded program. All contractors must have a referral process that assists program participants with enrollment into public benefit programs such as TANF, SNAP benefits, KIDCARE, medical and disability assistance, as well as other resources that address the needs of the population targeted for service.
    • Reductions in Amounts Payable: The amount(s) payable, or estimated amount(s) payable, to vendor/provider under the agreement and this attachment may be subject to a reduction as necessary advisable, based upon actual or projected budgetary considerations, at the sole discretion of the Department of Human Services.