X. Provider Management Policies and Procedures

A. Policies

The Department's policies for contractual programs are contained within the Community Services Agreement and the Program Manual.

  1. Providers who receive administrative funds for program administration are required to submit an annual program budget within 30 calendar days of receipt of the executed agreement.
  2. The Department will communicate changes and/or clarification of policy during quarterly Provider meetings and/or writing.

B.  Procedures

The Department's procedures for contractual programs are outlined in the Program Manual.  Instructions for submitting billings and completing forms are provided at the beginning of the contract period.

The Department will communicate changes and/or clarifications of procedures during quarterly Providers meetings and/or in writing. 

C. Contract

  1. The contract between the Department and the Provider consists of several parts:
    1. Community Service Agreement containing the standard contract language used for all Department contracts;
    2. Exhibit B - Addendum further detailing services to be provided, due dates, and payment information;
    3. Exhibit C and D showing the contact information, program type, methods of payment and reconciliation and the estimated funding amount;
    4. the Program Manual and forms packet containing the program service provisions, forms and instructions for submitting and completing billing and other forms; and
    5. the Grantee approved request for funding and budget, if applicable.
  2. The Department will initiate the contract. The Office of Contract Administration (OCA) will send notices out to Providers informing them that Contracts, Program Manuals and Attachment are available for access and download. The Provider will review, sign and return directly to OCA via email: DHS.DHSOCA@illinois.gov. Once signed by all parties, OCA will then scan the signature page into the CSA and publish the contract (which would then and only then be considered to be executed). Once fully executed contract is forwarded to the Provider by the Provider Manager as a courtesy via email. 

***All Provider contracts must go through the GATA/NOFO process. For more information, please contact your Provider Manager.

D. Amendment Process

  1. The Department will initiate a two party signed amendment when Attachment G is being added to an existing contract.
  2. The Department will modify the contract by letter notification when it:
  1. extends the contract beyond the original expiration date; and/or
  2. revises the services purchased as shown on Exhibit C and Exhibit B; and/or
  3. increases or decreases the estimated funding amount; and/or
  4. revises the Program Manual due to a change in federal or state law or other reason of substance, when warranted.

E.  Exception Process

  1. To request a change in the guidelines of the current contract, a Provider must submit an Exception Request.
  2. The request is submitted to the Provider Manager who forwards the request for Administrative Review.
  3. Upon review, the Provider will be notified of the Department's decision.
  4. The following guidelines apply to each Exception Request:
    1. request must be submitted to the Provider Manager on the appropriate form, and
    2. include specific contract provision and reasons for requested change and
    3. a separate request is required for each program administered, if applicable;
    4. the request may be approved for a limited time period as designated by the Department;
    5. all exceptions MUST BE approved prior to the implementation of requested change(s).