XIII. Deliverables - Exhibit B and Budgets

A. Exhibit B - Deliverables

The program services, and deliverables, are detailed in Exhibit B of the Provider's Agreement.

B. Budgets

1. General Conditions

  1. Work First, Job Placement with Retention, Support Services and Special Project Providers must submit an annual program budget within 30 calendar days of receipt of the executed agreement, along with their program proposal, if applicable.
  2. When approved by the Department, the budget becomes part of the Provider's Agreement and is maintained with the Office of Contract Administration (OCA).

2.  Budget Limits

  1. Unless prohibited from doing so in 2 CFR 200.308 or 44Ill. Admin. Code 7000.370(b), transfers between approved line items may be made without Grantor's approval only if the total amount transferred does not exceed the greater of either (i) 10% of the Budget line item or (ii) $1,000 of the Budget line item. A change in a budget line item above 10% or $1,000 must be requested from and approved in writing by the Department.
  2. The Department is not liable for costs incurred by the Provider which are not contained in the approved program budget.
  3. Unless expressly permitted pursuant to the terms of any applicable Federal grant, or expressly authorized in writing by DHS, in no event may any administrative fee exceed ten (10%) of direct salaries excluding fringe benefits. Administrative Fees are defined as indirect costs, those amounts which cannot be directly charged to a cost objective or which have been incurred for common or joint objectives and cannot be readily identified with a particular cost objective. In addition, if the Provider has an established Federal Rate higher than 10%, they may use that rate, or they can negotiate to have a rate established at other than the 10% de minimus rate. (see Article VII section 7.2 of the FY21 Uniform Grant Agreement)