XI. Costs and Payments - Exhibit C

A. Costs

The funding level for each program is based upon a Department approved budget for the services detailed in the Program Manual and/or the Provider's request for funding, when applicable. The funding level for each program is shown on Exhibit C.

B. Payments

The Department will utilize one (1) of the methods of payment outlined below. The method of payment and method of reconciliation are specified on Exhibits B and C.

  1. Grants - A program that receives all or part of the funding in advance of the actual delivery of services. This includes prorated prospective payments and payments made by the Department on an estimated basis or any other basis when the Department does not know the actual amount earned by the Provider. This does not include advance payments made under the authority of Section 9.05 of the Illinois Finance Act (30 ILCS 105/9.05). All funds paid as a grant are subject to the Illinois Grant Funds Recovery Act [30 ILCS 705].
    1. All funds disbursed by the Department on a grant basis are subject to reconciliation and recovery.
    2. Any funds left after the reconciliation are subject to the Grant Funds Recovery Act. The reconciliation will be based on one of the following methods at the election of the Department:
      1. Eligible Expenditures v. Program Revenue - This method compares the eligible expenditures to the total Department grant revenues by program. An independent audit and associated supplemental revenue and expense schedule may be required from the Provider. Eligible expenditures will be determined based on 89 Ill. Adm. Code 509.20, Allowable/Unallowable Costs and specific program requirements, if applicable.
      2. Eligible Services Delivered v. Services Projected - This method compares the actual eligible services delivered to the services projected in the Agreement. If the services were based on a rate or unit of cost methodology, the number of eligible service units delivered times the rate or unit is compared to the total of all grant payments for that service.
  2. Fee-for-Service - A program for which payments are made on the basis of a rate, unit cost or allowable cost incurred and is based on a statement or bill as required by the Department. Payments made as a fee for service are not subject to the Illinois Grant Funds Recovery Act [30 ILCS 705].
  3. Billings - Billings with substantiating documentation, are submitted by the Provider upon completion of service. The Provider may be issued an advance (if exception requested by the Provider however must be worked-off by the following month), which will be deducted from the billing.