GRF Walk-Up

DHS General Funds Walk to DHS FY21 Maintenance Budget

(All Numbers in Thousands)

Category Amount
GRF FY20 Enacted Appropriations $4,254,700.6
FY20 Supplemental Needs
Home Services Program caseload growth and cost increases $40,000.0
Subtotal $40,000.0
FY20 Estimated Spending with Supplemental Request $4,294,700.6
Substance Use Prevention and Recovery
Addiction Treatment Medicaid - liability shift to MCO coverage ($12,000.0)
SUPR Minimum Wage Impact - 2% full year COLA $3,331.3
Subtotal ($8,668.7)
Developmental Disabilities
Ligas Annualization & New Placements - Supports 700 placements and transitions $28,500.0
1.6% Increase in Federal SSI monthly benefits - impacts Home Based Services $4,300.0
DD Grant program Minimum Wage impact - 2% full year COLA $992.0
Direct Care staff Wage Increase of $1.00 effective 7/1/20 and additional $0.50 effective 1/1/21 $45,000.0
Subtotal $78,792.0
Family & Community Services
Discontinue Becoming a Man Program-Youth Guidance funding ($1,000.0)
Discontinue Books Over Balls funding ($250.0)
Discontinue Boys and Girls Club of West Cook County funding ($150.0)
Discontinue Center for Changing Lives funding ($150.0)
Discontinue Chicago Fathers for Change funding ($25.0)
Discontinue Chicago Westside Branch NAACP funding ($250.0)
Discontinue Center for Prevention of Abuse-Trafficking funding ($60.0)
Discontinue SIU Rural Health Center funding ($100.0)
Discontinue Joseph Academy funding ($360.0)
Discontinue O.U.R. Youth funding ($100.0)
Discontinue Project Success of Vermillion County for Youth Programs funding ($25.0)
Discontinue Touched by an Angel Community Enrichment Center NFP-Single Parents funding ($250.0)
Discontinue Urban Autism Solutions funding ($400.0)
Discontinue West Austin Development Center funding ($620.0)
Shift TASC Supportive Release Center funding onto non GRF funds ($175.0)
Shift Prevention Partnership, Inc. funding onto non GRF funds ($350.0)
Healthy Families Expansion $1,000.0
Parents Too Soon Expansion $1,000.0
FCS Minimum Wage Impact - 2% full year COLA $1,642.4
Early Intervention Liability growth $7,200.0
Child Care Caseload growth and cost increases $80,000.0
Subtotal $86,577.4
Mental Health
Mental Health Medicaid - liability shift to MCO coverage ($8,000.0)
Williams - 400 New transitions evenly phased $1,650.0
Colbert - Transfer from Department on Aging $10,000.0
Colbert - 900 New transitions evenly phased $4,400.0
Consent Decree - Comprehensive Services Pilot Program $8,000.0
MH Minimum Wage Impact - 2% full year COLA $5,634.7
Subtotal $21,684.7
Rehabilitation Services
Home Services FY20 Annualization and FY21 Caseload Growth & Increased costs $89,000.0
Centers for Independent Living Minimum Wage Impact - 2% full year COLA $199.6
Home Modifications Expansion $1,000.0
Case Services GRF Pickup from 036 Fund $4,559.7
Subtotal $94,759.3
DHS Operations
Census Project Reduction - 1/2 year funding ($14,500.0)
DoIT Payroll remains at DHS ($9,000.0)
FCS additional 100 Human Services Caseworkers $4,544.6
DHS Administrative 50 Fiscal positions $2,950.0
FY20 Annualization and FY21 AFSCME Steps and COLA $51,455.4
Discontinue Illinois Migrant Council funding ($90.0)
TDF Conditional Release Contract increase $3,000.0
IES - software, hardware and additional programmers $24,900.0
DoIT Projects - FCS Computer Refresh $6,000.0
Annualization of support costs for FY20 and FY21 new FCS Human Services Caseworkers $5,000.0
Subtotal $74,260.0
Total $347,404.7
Department of Human Services General Revenue Fund Governor's Proposed $4,642,105.3