February Report

The 2020 Census Office report for February 2020 includes updates regarding: marketing, data visualization, and grant allocation.

Marketing: IDHS released a Request for Proposals for Marketing and Public Relations services in support of the 2020 Census on December 12th. Vendors applied and were subject to a paper evaluation, with finalists subject to an in-person presentation and evaluation. Kivvit has been selected to be awarded the marketing contract with the Census Office of IDHS, subject to completion of the procurement process and contract negotiation. The selected firm will assist IDHS in launching a statewide marketing campaign with advertising buys and digital media, and delivery of the message to all Illinois residents, with a focus on the Hard to Count (HTC) populations who are least likely to respond to the census. The firm will engage ethnic media outlets to activate, educate, and motivate HTC communities to complete the 2020 Census questionnaire.

CommunityConnect Labs (CCL): CommunityConnect Labs is a national nonprofit that specializes in community engagement through text messaging. IDHS has partnered with CCL to provide a text messaging tool for all Illinois residents to support census outreach and engagement, employment recruitment, and a question and answer chat box. The text tool went live in January and is available in English, Spanish, Polish, and Chinese. Text "JOBS," "QUESTION," or "PLEDGE" to 987987 to get assistance regarding U.S. Census Bureau job recruitment, answers to questions about the Census, or pledge to achieving a complete count (message and data rates may apply; see Terms & Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy).

Data Visualization: UIC created a new website for the State's Census efforts: www.mapthecount.org. Mapping of the Regional Intermediaries (RIs) and their sub-recipients' offices and outreach areas ensures comprehensive geographic coverage of HTC geographies and populations. The website and maps are available to the public. UIC has also built a cloud-based reporting platform that monitors RI and sub-recipient activities and assesses alignment with grant awards to ensure that the State's investments are appropriately expended. UIC will compile best practices and train RIs and sub-recipients on the most effective strategies to achieve a complete count. UIC also serves as a strategic coordinator focused on outreach, education, and counting the HTC student population living on college campuses, and the HTC re-entry population that has touched the justice system.

Regional Intermediaries (RIs): All 31 of the RIs have finalized budgets and executed agreements with IDHS. RIs were permitted to request a 2-month advance payment from their grant award to assist in jumpstarting census outreach and education activities. All advanced payment requests received have been processed by IDHS and the Comptroller's Office.

Outline of budget, expenditures and distribution of funding

Region and Name of Regional Intermediary Award Amount *Amount Paid
Illinois Primary Health Care Association $500,000 $125,000
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $100,000 $23,530
Community Assistance Programs $1,000,000 $250,000
Habilitative Systems Inc $2,350,000 $552,941
Illinois Action for Children $1,000,000 $250,000
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights $2,000,000 $470,588
Pilsen Wellness Center $135,000 $33,750
Puerto Rican Cultural Center $215,000 $47,777.78
Rincon Family Services $1,000,000 $250,000
University of Illinois at Chicago $200,000 *Not Requested
YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago $1,000,000 $235,294
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $200,000 $47,059
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights $750,000 $176,470
Metropolitan Mayors Caucus $300,000 $66,667
Reaching Across Illinois Library Systems $750,000 *Not Requested
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago $200,000 *Not Requested
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $150,000 $35,294
Tri-County Regional Planning $500,000 *Not Requested
Champaign Urbana Public Health District $695,000 $163,529
Region 1 Planning Council $920,000 $230,000
Illinois Public Health Association $475,000 $111,764
Clay County Health Department $350,000 $82,353
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $50,000 $11,765
Illinois Public Health Association $700,000 $164,706
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $330,000 $77,647
Teens Against Killing Everywhere $330,000 $77,647
Illinois Action for Children $750,000 $187,500
Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies $750,000 $176,471
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights $1,000,000 $235,294
Metropolitan Mayors Caucus $1,000,000 $222,223
Western Illinois Regional Council $300,000 *Not Requested
TOTAL $20,000,000 $4,305,269.78
Census Data, Research, GIS Visualization, and Regional
Intermediary Coordination
Amount * Amount Paid
University of Illinois at Chicago $896,837 $7,183.94
TOTAL $896,837 $7,183.94
Appropriation Amount Obligated Amount * Amount Paid Unobligated Amount
$29,000,000 $20,896,837 4,312,453.72 $8,103,163

* Amount Paid:  A payment has been processed by the Comptroller.

* Not Requested:  The Regional Intermediary did not request advance payment.