IDHS Provider Payment Problem Update

Last week IDHS announced the existence of technical problems with our payment processing system. Thankfully, those problems were resolved, and we began issuing payments on Friday, January 17th. We had a separate issue yesterday, affecting the funds balance for child care that impacted the ability of that payment file to be processed. That issue has been resolved and those files were re-run last night.

Most child care payments have already been issued, and we expect remaining direct deposits to child care providers to be issued this Friday, January 24th. Paper checks will be mailed to those without direct deposit as well. Child care providers seeking updates on their payments should call:

  • Child Care Providers: 217-524-9041.

This number is available 24-7 and offers daily messages on the status of child care funds.

Other providers seeking updates on their payments can call one of the numbers below.

  • Family & Community Services (FCS) Providers: (312) 793-4609
  • Developmental Disability (DD) Providers: 217-557-2827
  • Mental Health (MH) Providers: 217-558-5108
  • Rehabilitation Services (DRS) Providers: 217-524-7552
  • Substance Use Prevention & Recovery (SUPR) Providers: 312-814-6529

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and challenges these issues have created. IDHS is grateful to all of our providers for their patience and understanding during this time, and we will strive to make future payments more predictable and regular.