Decemeber 2019 - Vendor Outreach Call Minutes


Illinois DHS WIC Central Office - Lisa Cunningham, Harry Lobb, Jeff Peddycoart, Anna Sabin, Marissa Ashbaugh, Joy Thompson

Solutran - Samantha Bailey, Chad Main, Walter Olfson

DHS Announcements

  • Introductions of new DHS WIC team members:
    • Jeff Peddycoart - Assistant Bureau Chief, Illinois WIC replacing Steve Strode
    • Anna Sabin - Vendor Relations Coordinator replacing Jim Armbruster
  • Delay of Pilot rollout of eWIC - Originally scheduled for February 3, 2020, new date has not been set but will be announced when it has been determined.
  • Approved Product List (APL) still anticipated to be published around January 6, 2020.
  • Level 3 (L3) Certifications still anticipated to take place in late January / early February 2020 by Solutran.

Solutran Announcements

  • Is available by email at for any questions or concerns regarding EBT rollout.
  • Currently completing vendor enablement outreach to ensure that all vendors are ready for rollout. It is imperative that vendors answer calls / emails in a timely manner from Solutran.
  • Recommend that vendors communicate with their cash register system provider to determine what updates are needed.
  • Level 3 Certification will be completed on 100% of pilot stores to ensure retailers are ready. Someone will come to the vendor site or call to complete the following steps:
    • Balance inquiry
    • Purchase
    • Benefit void
  • Vendors will be provided with test card numbers for vendors to enter to complete a benefit balance inquiry.

Q & A

1. Will UPC mapping be full or partial?

a. Partial mapping.

2. If UPCs are missing from production APL what is the process?

a. DHS will be sending out a process but at minimum will need the UPC and an image of the product.

3. If a vendor doesn't know the process for transition to WIC who should they contact?

a. Initial contact should be with their cash register system provider and Solutran at

4. Who should vendors contact with questions?

a. Questions should be addressed to or

5. When will Level 3 Certifications occur?

a. Currently aiming for February sometime.

6. When will product APL be available?

a. Currently aiming for January 6th.

7. Will approved / unapproved items be separated by the system?

a. Integrated systems will be separated by the system and can be scanned together. Standalone systems will give an audible signal if item is approved or denied.

8. Will there be trainings either in person or by phone for individual vendors?

a. DHS will put together a handout and annual training will be updated, but it will be the responsibility of the vendors to train staff as to appropriate procedures based on each POS system.

9. Will split tender be allowed?

a. Yes

10. Is WIC providing quantity or cash amount?

a. Primarily will be dealing with quantity limits except fruits and vegetables.

11. Will benefits be available within a certain timeframe?

a. Yes, benefits will be available for a certain timeframe. Receipts will provide the end date of availability of products and balance.

12. Is there still going to be a 50-item limit?

a. Yes, 50 WIC items only.

13. If an item doesn't scan, can it be manually entered?

a. Yes, but if UPC is not approved it will not go through.

14. For cash value-based items (Fruits and Vegetables) what UPC codes should be used?

a. Standard UPC codes for produce should be used. If a vendor does not use standard codes, most systems allow mapping and codes will need to be mapped to standard codes.

15. Do stand beside devices need WIC products to be scanned separately?

a. Yes

16. How many stand-besides will vendors have?

a. The number of stand-besides provided is based on Federal Regulations.

17. Do stand besides need internet or dial-up access?

a. Yes. Recommend ethernet connection.