Q & A - 0652-02

Question:  I am an existing Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention grantee.  How do I input the budget for this NOFO into CSA?

Response: Select "Add a Budget" in CSA under CSFA 444-80-0652 and enter your budget just as you did the original FY 20 budget (except it is a 6 month grant cycle). Do not combine the budgets.  The budget for this NOFO application must be a separate or stand alone budget for FY 20. 

Question:  Attachment E (Service Provision) does not include Civil Legal Advocacy or legal services with individuals who do not become clients.  Can we provide these services?  If yes, how do we include this in the application?

Response:  Civil legal services are allowable under this funding opportunity as long as they directly link to domestic violence and the needs of victims.  Attachment E should be adapted to reflect all services proposed in the application.  Applicants may add categories to align with proposed legal services.

Question:  We are in discussions with a domestic violence victim services agency about a collaborative application. My question is whether subgranting is allowed?

Response:  Subawards are allowable as long as the applicant meets the criteria as an eligible applicant. A domestic violence victim services organization meets the criteria.

Question: Our attorneys are well trained but we don't require the specific 40 hour training. Is this a requirement that DHS can waive?

Response:  The 40 hour domestic violence training is a requirement. This may be expensed to the grant and completed after the application process. A timetable for training will be established at the time of award.

Question:  As a legal services organization, we are concerned about data collection and protecting attorney client privilege.  We are also uncertain whether our database systems collect the necessary information. 

Response: We currently fund 2 legal organizations under this grant funding who enter their activities related to legal services.  The required data elements are included in Attachment E- Service Provisions of the NOFO. If selected, the bureau will work with your organization on setting up data collection.

Question:  Is a civil legal aid organization an eligible applicant?

Response:  Yes.  This funding opportunity is limited to not-for-profit organizations providing legal advocacy and legal services to victims of domestic violence. This may include entities whose primary focus is legal services or domestic violence victim service agencies.

Question: The Notice of Funding Opportunity states that match is required on federal portion of funding not to exceed 25%."  How much is the federal portion of the grant?

Response: It is anticipated that the each grant will have a mix of 50% federal and 50% state dollars.  Applicants should plan for and reflect in their budget at least this amount of match.