Developmental Disabilities Grant Information - FY 2021

All current or potential grantees must make certain the following things are completed before Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) staff are allowed to accept a grant application:

For detailed information about the requirements, please see Grant Application Information and Instructions.

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Funding Opportunities are listed below. The table below includes links to the Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs), if applicable, Question and Answer information (if applicable), Grant Application, and the Programmatic Risk Assessment. The Uniform Grant Budget - The budget template and instructions can be used as a tool to assist in determining expenses; however, the final budget must be completed in CSA Budget/Tracking System and Registration Information database. The pdf budget or paper copy will not be accepted.

The Division currently has No Notice of Funding Opportunities Available.

Developmental Disabilities Grant Information

CSFA Number  Grant Title Notice of Funding
Opportunity (NOFO)
Questions &
Risk Assessment
444-24-0830 0830 Epilepsy Program (SD00-250-0000) GA-0830-0000 PRA-0830-0000
444-24-0836 0836 Best Buddies Illinois (BBIL) (SD00-450-0003) GA-0836-0003 PRA-0836-0003
444-24-1511 1511 Voucher Respite (SD00-450-0010) GA-1511-0010 PRA-1511-0010
444-24-0833 0833 Residential/ In-home Respite Programs (SD00-87D-0000 and SD00-89D-0000)  GA-0833-8789 PRA-0833-8789
444-24-1545 1545 Group Respite (SD00-880-0000) GA-1545-0880 PRA-1545-0880
444-24-0829 0829 Dental Program (SD00-400-0000) GA-0829-0400 PRA-0829-0400
444-24-1505 1505 Autism Awareness Program (SD00-450-0012) GA-1505-0012 PRA-1505-0012
444-24-1506 1506 Family Advocate (SD00-450-0014) GA-1506-0014 PRA-1506-0014
444-24-1508 1508 Latino Outreach (SD00-450-0013) GA-1508-0013 PRA-1508-0013
444-24-1569 1569 Special Olympics and Special Children's Charities (SD00-450-0021) GA-1569-0021 PRA-1569-0021
444-24-1570 1570 Special Olympics (SD00-450-0004) GA-1570-0004 PRA-1570-0004
444-24-1600 1600 Lifespan Special Project (SD00-450-0002) GA-1600-0002 PRA-1600-0002
444-24-1651 1651 Independent Monitoring of Division of Developmental Transitions (SD00-450-0018) GA-1651-0018 PRA-1651-0018
444-24-1712 1712 Access for Illinois Children with Autism (SD00-450-0027) GA-1712-0027 PRA-1712-0027
444-24-1731 1731 Independent Service Coordination (SD00-600-000) GA-1731-0000 PRA-1731-0000