General WIC Vendor Information

Grocers that have been authorized by the WIC Program are referred to as WIC authorized vendors. WIC authorized vendors are a vital contributor to the WIC Program by helping to provide nutritious foods to women, infants and children within their community.

IL Program Rules

Federal Program Guidelines 

eWIC Vendor Information

All WIC agencies will be moving from a paper-based method of WIC benefit issuance to an electronic benefit transfer system (eWIC) in 2020. Instead of paper food instruments, WIC food benefits will be issued into an electronic benefit account at the local WIC clinic. Families will use their eWIC card and PIN to access their food benefits at the grocery store. Below is information specific to the rollout of eWIC in Illinois.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Operating Rules

Minimum Stocking Requirements

Vendors are required to maintain the items included on this list at a minimum.

Current Authorized WIC Food List (English and Spanish)

These are all items that are acceptable WIC products by category but every vendor is not required to keep all of these items in stock at all times.

Current WIC Implementation Schedule

F.A.Q.'s about EBT

Monthly Vendor Outreach Calls & Materials

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