BBO Curriculum

Guidelines for use: While the original curriculum is divided into a series of sessions structured by trimester, the workgroup recommends that case managers should discuss the individual topics based upon the client's knowledge and needs during any given point in time. Client needs should drive the education delivered with all, if not most of the content / topics listed over the course of the potential ten to eleven contacts made with the client. The curriculum should be administered with fidelity based upon client engagement & relationship building using a client centered approach and motivational interviewing techniques. Supporting Materials and Cornerstone Documentation listed below may be repeated for more than one trimester.

Trimester Topic Supporting Materials Cornerstone Documentation
First Trimester Prenatal Care

Set up Text4Baby messaging

What to Expect When You're Expecting (recommend this book be given to client at first trimester home visit).

Note: Alternative book selection - "Baby Basics: Your Month by Month Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy". This is available from the March of Dimes catalog, #09-1763-02.

March of Dimes Becoming A Mom handbook or pamphlets:

  • Address risk factors identified by 700 q1-40, 701, 703, 704, 705, 706, 707D, 707G
  • PA07 Initial Prenatal
  • RF01 Referral for WIC & other resources
  • RF01 for Primary Care Provider (PCP) required, if the PA03 PCP is blank.
SV01 (Service Entry) for:
  • 802 Prenatal Care
  • 825 Perinatal Depression
  • 922 Childbirth classes (or RF01)
  • PE01 You & Your PG
  • PE02 Prenatal Care
  • PEPL Preterm Labor
  • PE06 Labor/Delivery
First Trimester Nutrition During Pregnancy

March of Dimes Becoming A Mom handbook or pamphlets:

IDHS Pamphlets:

  • PE03 Eating Healthy
  • PEFA Folic Acid
First Trimester Stress During Pregnancy

March of Dimes Becoming A Mom handbook:

  • Stress and Exercise
  • Preeclampsia
  • Sex During Pregnancy


  • PE04 Stress During PG
  • PEBL Blood Disorder
  • PEDM Diabetes
  • PEHP Hypertension
  • PEPE Preeclampsia
First Trimester Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

March of Dimes Becoming A Mom handbook or pamphlets:

CDC Handouts:

Refer client to iQuit smoking cessation program

  • PE05 Things to Avoid
  • PEAP Alcohol in PG
  • PEDP Drugs in PG
  • PESP Smoking PG
First Trimester Infections and Pregnancy


CDC Handouts:

  • PECD Other Diseases
  • PEIM Immunizations
First Trimester Domestic Violence IDHS Pamphlets:
  • PDEV Domestic Violence
First Trimester Perinatal Depression

IDHS Pamphlets:


  • PEPD PP Mood Disorders
Second Trimester Labor and Delivery March of Dimes Becoming A Mom handbook or pamphlets: SV01 for:
  • PE06 Labor/Delivery
  • PEPT Full Term Delivery
  • PEPL Preterm Labor
Second Trimester Newborn Care

March of Dimes Becoming A Mom handbook or pamphlets:

IDHS Pamphlets:

CDC handouts:

  • PEBF Breastfeeding (or RF01)
  • PE07 Caring for Baby
  • PEIM Immunizations
  • PEBD Brain Development
  • 918 Parenting classes (or RF01)
Second Trimester Safe Sleep Materials and resources are available at:
  • PESS Safe Sleep
Third Trimester Postpartum Care March of Dimes Becoming A Mom handbook:
  • Physical Postpartum Changes
  • Stress, Baby Blues, and Postpartum Depression
  • 941 Reproductive Life Plan- Prenatal
  • PEWW Well Woman ED
  • PEPD PP Mood Disorders
  • PEDV Domestic Violence
Fourth Trimester (Postpartum) Well Woman Ed ACOG Infographics (not printable): PA10: Postpartum
  • Number of Prenatal Medical Visits
  • Length of Pregnancy in Weeks
Fourth Trimester (Postpartum) Postpartum Warning Signs

IDHS handouts:

AWHONN handout:

  • Save Your Life: Get Care for These Post-Birth Warning Signs
  • PE08 Postpartum Care
  • PEPP Post Delivery Ed
  • PEFA Folic Acid
  • PEBF Breastfeeding (or RF01)
SV01 for:
  • 820 Postpartum Medical Follow-up Visit
  • 825 Depression Screening
Forth Trimester (Postpartum) Reproductive Life Plan CDC Infographics:
  • 942 Reproductive Life Plan- Postpartum
  • PEWW Well Woman Ed