Elementary School

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

What is bullying?

When one person uses words or actions to hurt someone else on purpose, they are bullying them. Bullying usually happens over and over again until the bully gets bored or someone stops it. Bullying can be physical, like hitting someone, but it can also include spreading hurtful rumors; not including someone in a group on purpose; and embarrassing someone or making fund of them in public.

What is not bullying?

When two kids disagree or argue it does not mean that anyone is being bullied. Some kids are still learning how to get along and as they learn how to be a friend, sometimes they make mistakes. When disagreements come up it can be hard to work them out. Sometimes kids say and do things that make other kids feel bad. This doesn't mean they are bullies.

How do I stop my friend from being bullied?

Don't be a bystander. Seeing your friend being hurt is not fun for you or for them. You can interrupt the bullying by standing up for your friend or tell an adult. Telling an adult when a friend is being bullied is not tattling. You are taking action to make it stop. Be someone's friend and jump in to help. McGruff the crime dog says if we take care of our community and stop, talk and walk, bullying will be reduced. Sometimes practice makes it easier to do things in real life.

What do I do if I'm being bullied?

It might be difficult, and some of these ideas are hard. Here are a few things you can do: walk away, tell a trusting adult, tell the bully you don't like what they are doing, and they are hurting your feelings. Here is how to stop being bullied. McGruff the crime dog has a game to help you!