4.4 - Case Closure

Revised October 2022

Case closure should occur when:

  1. The client no longer meets age or eligibility criteria for HRIF funding
  2. The client moves out of the grantee's service area
  3. The client dies
  4. The case management agency is no longer able to reach the client

At the time of closure, the case manager should ensure that the following activities have been completed, as appropriate for the client's circumstances:

  1. The client has located a medical care provider for continued care for themselves and their child(ren)
  2. The client is referred for family planning services
  3. The client is referred for postpartum WIC or Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) certification
  4. The client's children are referred for WIC
  5. The children have begun or been referred for immunizations (if these are not contraindicated or declined by the parent)
  6. The client has completed application for Medicaid for their children
  7. Client has been given information regarding child restraint seats

If the client is moving to another area, the client's case records may be transferred to the new case management agency if the client's consent is obtained.