July 8, 2019 Meeting Minutes

2020 Census Everyone Counts


Illinois Census 2020 Advisory Panel
July 8, 2019


IDHS Harris Building - 100 S. Grand Avenue, 3rd Floor, Springfield

James R. Thompson Center - 100 W. Randolph, Suite 16-504, Chicago

Panel Members in Chicago: Former State Representative Mike Fortner, State Representative Lisa Hernandez, Senator Kimberly Lightford, State Representative Theresa Mah, State Senator Iris Martinez, State Senator Dan McConchie, Maria Pesquiera.

Panel Members in Springfield: State Senator Andy Manar, State Representative Andre Thapedi.

Panel Members participating by phone: State Senator Jil Tracy.

Absent: Deborah Bennet, State Representative Ryan Spain.

Guests in Attendance: Amy Brennan, Department on Aging; Sol Flores, Office of the Governor; Lizzy Whitehorn, Office of the Governor; Tom Hughes, Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA) Jeanine Stroger, Secretary of State Office; Irene Lyons, Secretary of State Office; Joshua Horeled, Senate Staff; Dan Weber, House staff; Steven Monroy, MALDEF; Griselda Vega Samuel, MALDEF; Sean Gallando, Poverty Lab; Elissa Johnson, US Census Bureau; Jeanine Bensley, US Census Bureau; Nathaniel Becker, Proviso Township; Julie Dowling, University of Illinois; Bryan Zarou, Forefront; Anita Banerji, Forefront; Dana Stroger, Senate Staff; Paul Schroter, House Staff; Sheila Stocks-Smith, Urban Action Network.

IDHS Staff in Attendance: John Schomberg; Kia Coleman; Ryan Croke; Hina Mahmood; Teresa Tudor; Mary Hebert; Emily Katalinich; Tuyet Le; Sessy Nyman.

The meeting was called to order by Deputy Governor Sol Flores at 11:35am.

Motion to Approve Minutes from the June 28, 2019 Meeting Minutes:

Representative Theresa Mah made a motion, second by Maria Pesquiera. Members unanimously voted to approve the minutes.

U.S. Census Update:

Elissa Johnson, Partnership Specialist for the US Census Bureau (USCB) Midwest Region provided an update about census efforts in the Midwest and Illinois. She discussed the USCB's strategy to count Hard to Count populations in the region. She also shared opportunities for strategic collaboration and coordination between the USCB and the state.

Complete Count Commission Update:

Jeanine Stroger, Secretary of State's Office provided an update about the Complete Count Commission, which aims to educate, outreach, and encourage Illinois residents to participate in the 2020 Census. CCC established a 2020 Census website, online and print materials, and toolkits, which will be available to IDHS as it takes the lead to advance 2020 Census efforts in Illinois.

Review of Online Survey Results:

Kia Coleman, Assistant Secretary, shared high level results from the online survey that was launched on July 24th through July 5th to collect ideas, experiences, and anticipated challenges to inform the 2020 Census Notice of Funding Opportunity. The summary of the results is available in the packet provided.

Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) Update and Discussion:

Kia Coleman, Assistant Secretary and Julie Dowling, Associate Professor in the Department of Latina/Latino Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provided an overview about how to define Hard to Count communities. There was also a discussion about different definitions about "self-response." The Governor's Office and IDHS staff will clarify this term for the next meeting. Panel members also requested an update about the appointment of the Census Co-Coordinators. The Governor's Office assured members appointments are in process.

How Organizations and Local Governments Can Become GATA Compliant:

Teresa Tudor, Program Coordinator, Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), provided an overview of how organizations and local governments become GATA compliant. Pre-Award Eligibility Requirements are listed on IDHS' 2020 Census website. Technical Assistance will be made available through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s posted on the website which will be updated regularly. A technical assistance session will be offered a week after the NOFO is released.

Timeline Review:

Sol Flores, Deputy Governor, reviewed the timeline for the NOFO release. Awards will be executed by October 31st and a second round of awards will be executed by the end of March 2020.

Meeting Schedule:

Sol Flores, Deputy Governor, noted that the next meeting is scheduled for August 16th. Monthly meeting dates are planned through July 2020. The meetings are scheduled from 9:30-

11:30am. A recommendation was made that meetings begin at 11:30. Deputy Governor Flores committed to revisit the meeting times and communicate with Advisory Panel Members.

Public Participation:

There were not public comments provided in Chicago or Springfield.

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 2:05 pm