International Overdose Awareness Day and National Recovery Month

August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day and September is National Recovery Month.

International Overdose Awareness Day aims to honor the lives lost to overdose and reduce the stigma associated with a substance-related passing. Through mourning and remembrance, people can celebrate the lives of their loved ones without shame. At the same time, it is an opportunity to educate people that overdose death is preventable and raise awareness about evidence-based practices like Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution (OEND).

National Recovery Month improves the understanding of mental and substance use disorders. It highlights that behavioral health is an essential component of overall health, treatment is effective, and people can, and do, recover. National Recovery Month encourages individuals to seek help, promotes treatment and recovery resources, and pays tribute to the lives of people who are in recovery.

Throughout the state of Illinois, organizations that address drug overdose and promote recovery participate in International Overdose Awareness Day and National Recovery Month. The Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (IDHS/SUPR) has adopted the message "Recovery Belongs" to push back against stigma while promoting the inclusion of recovery in communities and the continuum of healthcare services. IDHS/SUPR encourages everyone to help spread the message that drug overdose death is preventable and recovery belongs in Illinois. Individuals and organizations participating in these events can tag photos and videos of the events on social media with #RecoveryBelongs

If you would like to promote your organization's International Overdose Awareness Day or National Recovery Month event, you can add them to the events calendar for the Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances:


  • For help finding harm reduction, substance use treatment, and recovery resources across Illinois, contact the Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances by calling 1-833-2FINDHELP (1-833-234-6343), texting "HELP" to 833234, or visiting:
  • For resources on preventing and responding to an opioid overdose, including information about which organizations provide OEND in Illinois, visit the IDHS/SUPR Drug Overdose Prevention Program (DOPP) page:
  • For International Overdose Awareness Day resources, including fact sheets, posters, and social media graphics, or to share your organization's International Overdose Awareness Day events, visit:
  • For National Recovery Month resources, including downloadable graphics and a Recovery Month Toolkit, or to share your organization's Recovery Month events, visit: