IMHPAC: Justice Committee Agenda 8/1/2019, 1pm

Council Chair:

Matt Perry 

Committee Chair:

AJ French

Conference Number:


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  1. Welcome and Roll Call of Committee Members & Guests
  2. Review progress on previous action items.
    1. Outreach out to Eleshar Nightingale (Matt Perry)
    2. JEO Town Hall Meeting Schedule (Director Knaebe)
    3. IDOC Monitoring Reports (Jeff Simms/Dr. Melvin Hinton)
    4. IDOC WRAP Initiative (AJ French)
    5. WRAP Orientation for Council (Matt Perry)
  3. Discuss challenge of individuals not being issued state identification prior to release from custody and strategize an action plan consistent with our committee responsibilities.
    1. Devising a Monitoring Plan
    2. Involvement with State/County/Local Municipalities
    3. Recommending Advocacy Priorities to Council
  4.  Meeting Evaluation & Public Comment