June 28, 2019 Meeting Minutes

2020 Census

Illinois Census 2020 Advisory Panel meeting minutes


June 28, 2019
8:30 am - 10:30 am


IDHS Harris Building - 100 S. Grand Avenue, 3rd floor, Springfield

James R. Thompson Center - 100 W. Randolph, Suite 16-504, Chicago


  • Panel members in Chicago: Deborah Bennet, State Representative Elizabeth Hernandez, State Representative Theresa Mah, State Senator Dan McConchie, Maria Pesqueira, State Representative Andre Thapedi.
  • Panel members in Springfield: State Senator Sen. Jil Tracy
  • Panel members participating by phone: Former State Representative Mike Fortner, State Senator Andy Manar, State Representative Ryan Spain
  • Panel member absent: State Senator Kimberly Lightford, State Senator Iris Martinez
  • Guests and staff in attendance: Sol Flores, Deputy Governor, Office of the Governor; Lizzy Whitehorn, Governor's Staff; Kia Coleman, Assistant Secretary, IDHS; Amy Brennan, Illinois Department on Aging; Paula Basta, Illinois Department on Aging; Sherrie Taylor, Northern Illinois University; John Schomberg, Illinois DHS; Irene Lyons, Illinois Secretary of State's Office; Jeanine Stroger, Illinois Secretary of State's Office; Grace Hou, Secretary, IDHS; Gary Kramer, IDHS; Emily Katalinich, IDHS; Robert Baran, Illinois Department of Agriculture; Ryan Croke, IDHS; Dan Webber, Illinois House Republican Staff; Tuyet Le, IDHS; Sessy Nyman, IDHS; Sydney Holman, Governor's Staff

Called to order

The meeting was called to order by Deputy Governor Sol Flores at 8:30 am

Meeting minutes

  • Welcome and Introductions (Review Executive Order, Charge of This Panel, Role of IDHS, Other Census Efforts)

Sol Flores reviewed the Executive Order, including the role of the Advisory Panel, DHS and the timeline of activities to be discussed.

Secretary Grace Hou noted IDHS is working with other related efforts including the Secretary of State's office, private philanthropy, and the City of Chicago to ensure efforts are complementary rather than redundant.

  • Grant Accountability and Transparency Act

Gary Kramer, IDHS' Chief Accountability Officer, reviewed the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) and the NOFO process.

Open Meetings Act, Freedom of Information Act, and Training

John Schomberg, IDHS General Counsel, led a discussion about Open Meetings Act (OMA), noting the rules that apply to the work of Census Advisory Panel members.

  • Public Comment

Three people signed up and provided public comment.

Steven Monroy from MALDEF asked the panel to focus not just on geographically 'Hard to Count' populations, but also specific populations. He asked how this newly appointed body will work with the already existing Complete Count Commission.

Phyllis Logan of the NAACP - Westside Branch shared the organization's experience working on previous census efforts and requested technical assistance for smaller organization who would like to participate in Census 2020.

Chyann Sapp of Community Connect Labs described her company's work on mobile messaging and noted California just approved them as a vendor for their Census effort.

  • Census 2020

Sherrie Taylor of Northern Illinois University made a presentation about the Census, described the long and short census forms; and the American Communities Survey (ACS). She discussed Hard to Count communities in Illinois and nationwide and addressed the citizenship question.

  • Strategy (Online Feedback Request, Notice of Funding Opportunity, Reporting)

Secretary Hou discussed Hard to Count populations and noted the related attachment in the Panel's meeting packet.

Assistant Secretary Kia Coleman addressed the IDHS Online Feedback Request to gather information from community organizations and local governments in Illinois. It will inform the NOFO process. A summary of responses will be made public.

  • Timeline Review

Assistant Secretary Coleman also discussed highlights from the draft timeline for the NOFO release and subsequent reporting requirements.

  • Areas for Discussion (Eligible Applicants, Regional Allocations, Measuring Success)

Secretary Hou led a discussion on funding structure and strategy, HTC populations and measuring success.

  • Communications

Secretary Hou also discussed a communications effort that could leverage private funds to support Illinois census marketing. She asked for advisory panelists to help serve as Census touch points in their communities.

Secretary Hou noted IDHS is coordinating with existing efforts and will use materials developed by the Complete Count Commission (CCC). State Representative Mah noted she serves on the CCC and can serve as an informal bridge with the Panel and the CCC.

  • Meeting Schedule

Deputy Governor Flores noted the next meeting is set for July 8th from 1-3pm and mentioned the proposed future monthly meeting calendar can be adjusted on an ongoing basis.

  • Post-Meeting Survey

Secretary Hou asked Panel members to complete a post-meeting survey.

The Panel adjourned at 10:29.