FY20 DHS-DMH Grantees

Dear FY20 DHS/DMH Grantees,

As we are approaching the beginning of a new State fiscal year, we would like to take this opportunity to alert you to a change for State FY20 that may apply to your grant agreements.

In compliance with the Uniform Grant Agreement, Article IV Payment, Section 4.3 Cash Management Improvement Act of 1990 and Section 4.7 Timely Billing Required, the following programs will be reimbursed upon receipt of a monthly invoice. Grantees will submit allowable grant expenses on the appropriate DMH invoice template to the email address indicated on the template no later than the 30th day of the month following the end of the service month. Invoiced expenses should be consistent with the approved annual grant budget. Any expenditure variances require prior Grantor approval in accordance with Article VI of the grant agreement to be reimbursable. All invoices shall be HIPPA compliant and encrypted utilizing DHS approved encryption software if so indicated on the invoice template. Invoices shall serve as the request for reimbursement as well as the Periodic Financial Report. DMH invoice templates are being updated for FY20 and will be uploaded the Provider section of the DHS website.

Applicable Programs

Application Programs Application Programs
121-Juvenile Justice  620-MH CILA
220-Housing MI Supportive 700-Medicaid Spend Down
410-Capitated Community Care 710-Outreach
420-Eligibility & Disposition  720-Drop-In Center
430-Community Support Team 730-Quality Administrator
510-CMHP-C&A Childrens MH Partnership 760-Integrated Health Care
510-FCHR-IL CHR-P Stepped Care Initiative  775-Social Security Specialist Asst
510-FEPP-First Episode Presentation Pgm 785-Cluster PSH
510-FIPS-Federal Supported Employment-IPS  790-Clinical Review
510-FPBH-Promoting Integration of Primary and Behavioral Hlth Care 793-Consent Decree Training Institute
510-NAMI-Regions Special Mental Health Services  794-Mortality Review
510-RBHA-Regions Rural Behavioral Health Access 795-Resident Review
510-RTLR-Regions The Living Room 796-Neuropsych Assessments
515-JIFS-Juvenile Inpatient Forensic Services 797-OT Assessments
515-RDSP-Regions Deaf Special Program  800-Front Door Diversion Pilot
515-RIPS-Regions IPS Trainers  820-Supported Residential
515-RMSD-Regions Extended MISA Detox  830-Supervised Residential
520-Regions Donated Funds Initiative  840-Reintegration Residential
574-Psychiatric Medications 860-Crisis Residential
575-PATH Grant  866-In-Home Recovery Support
580-Crisis Staffing 

Some of these programs were already reimbursed via monthly invoice in FY19, however, the invoice templates have been updated.

Although the monthly invoice shall serve as both the request for reimbursement as well as the Periodic Financial Report, grantees will still be required to submit quarterly Periodic Performance Reports (PPR) for these programs in accordance with Exhibit E of the Uniform Grant Agreement.

If you do not see your grant program in this listing, you will be receiving further guidance in a separate communication.

Thank you for partnering with us in service to the citizens of Illinois. We look forward to great things in FY20!


DMH Fiscal Office