Illinois Census Office - Grant Program

All potential Grantees must make certain the following things are completed before the Census Office staff are allowed to accept a grant application:

  • Note: For best results, use the Internet Explorer browser when accessing the GATA and IDHS systems.
  • For detailed information about the requirements, please see Grant Application Information and Instructions.

    Uniform Grant Budget

    The budget template and instructions can be used as a tool to assist in determining expenses; however, the final budget must be completed in the IDHS CSA Tracking System. The pdf budget or paper copy will not be accepted.  If you need assistance on how to create a budget in the CSA, we have provided a link to assist you.

2020 Census Grant Program Information

*Northwest Region

CSFA Number Grant Title Notice of Funding
Opportunity (NOFO)
Uniform Application for
State Grant Assistance
Programmatic Risk
Assessment (PRA)
Questions and
444-00-2174 2020 Census Grant Program


Northwest Region

CLOSED 11/4/2019

GA 2174 PRA 2174 Q&A 2174

2020 Census Grant Program Webinar Slides (pdf)

2020 Census Grant Program Webinar