Illinois Interagency Council on Early Intervention (IICEI) Overview & How To Apply


The Illinois Interagency Council on Early Intervention (IICEI or Council) is a required Governor-appointed board per federal and state statute. Details may be found at:

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), 20 US Code Subchapter III - Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities, §1441 - State interagency coordinating council:

325 Illinois Compiled Statute (ILCS) 20 Early Intervention Services System Act, Section 4:

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), through its Bureau of Early Intervention (EI), is designated as the lead agency to provide leadership in establishing and implementing the coordinated, comprehensive, interagency and interdisciplinary system of EI services. The Bureau is also responsible for ensuring all of the Council's responsibilities are fulfilled.

As defined in the EI Services System Act, the members of the IICEII shall:

  1. advise and assist the lead agency in the performance of its responsibilities including but not limited to the identification of sources of fiscal and other support services for early intervention programs, and the promotion of interagency agreements which assign financial responsibility to the appropriate agencies;
  2. advise and assist the lead agency in the preparation of applications and amendments to applications;
  3. review and advise on relevant regulations and standards proposed by the related State agencies;
  4. advise and assist the lead agency in the development, implementation and evaluation of the comprehensive early intervention services system; and
  5. prepare and submit an annual report to the Governor and to the General Assembly on the status of early intervention programs for eligible infants and toddlers and their families in Illinois.


As defined in Section 4 of the Early Intervention Systems Act , the IICEI shall be composed of at least 20 but not more than 30 members. The members of the Council and the designated chairperson of the Council shall be appointed by the Governor. The Council member representing the lead agency may not serve as chairperson of the Council. The Council shall be composed of the following members:

  • The Secretary of IDHS (or his or her designee) and two (2) additional representatives of the IDHS designated by the Secretary, plus State Directors (or their designees) of the following State agencies involved in the provision of or payment for EI services to eligible infants and toddlers and their families.
  • Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI); and
  • Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS).

Other members as follows:

  • At least 20% of members shall be parents, including minority parents of infants or toddlers with disabilities or children with disabilities aged 12 or younger, with knowledge of, or experience with, programs for infants and toddlers with disabilities with at least one of those members a parent of an infant or toddler with a disability or a child with a disability aged 6 or younger;
  • At least 20% of the members of the Council shall be public or private providers of EI services;
  • One member shall be a representative of the General Assembly;

One member shall be involved in the preparation of professional personnel to serve infants and toddlers similar to those eligible for services under this Act;

  • Two members shall be from advocacy organizations with expertise in improving health, development, and educational outcomes for infants and toddlers with disabilities;
  • One member shall be a Child and Family Connections manager from a rural district;
  • One member shall be a Child and Family Connections manager from an urban district;
  • One member shall be the co-chair of the Illinois Early Learning Council (or his or her designee); and

*Representatives from the following agencies or entities:

  • Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE);
  • Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH);
  • Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS);
  • University of Illinois, Division of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC);
  • Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities (ICDD);
  • Illinois Head Start or Illinois Early Head Start; and
  • IDHS, Division of Mental Health

*A member may represent one or more of the listed agencies or entities.

Member Terms

Terms for appointed members are staggered from one to three year terms, with a maximum of two terms or until a replacement is found.

Member Expectations

Members of the IICEI represent the interest of others. Members play an important role in ensuring that common goals and objectives are accomplished by providing input by making formal recommendations to the Bureau on the statewide system of EI services for eligible birth to three infants and toddlers and their families.

Members may be asked to review documents in preparation for a meeting and to provide comments or ideas regarding specific issues or topics.

Members are also expected to attend meetings regularly and to let the Chairperson or Bureau of EI if a point comes where regular attendance cannot be maintained.

Member Attendance and Meetings

Meetings are held quarterly, on the second Thursday of the month in January, April, July and October. 

Meeting locations, dates, and times are made available at the October meeting prior to the next calendar year and posted here.

To encourage maximum public participation, locations alternate between central and northern Illinois, when not in a Pandemic.

The Council meeting time is 10am to 1pm. On occasion, meetings may be as late as 3pm, but members would be made aware well in advance.

Members' attendance are expected at all meetings, unless exceptional circumstances occur. All member's voice and participation are extremely important!

Travel Expenses

Members of the Council that are not employees of the State of Illinois are eligible for reimbursement incurred for meeting attendance, such as, mileage at the state rate, hotel reimbursement if travelling 50 miles or more one-way, meals for overnight travel, with child care expenses and stipends for parents.

Required Member Trainings

Members are required to participate in annual training, such as Ethics and Harassment and Discrimination Prevention. All members are required to take these trainings. Non-compliance could result in removal from the council roster.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a member, you may apply at

The official Board or Commission Name is Interagency Council on Early Intervention, Illinois.


If you have questions, wish to be a part of the council or a workgroup, please contact the Bureau of Early Intervention at 217/782-1981 or by email at for additional information.